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It510 Assignment 4


This STEP Support module includes a proof of a circle theorem, sketching inequalities in 2 variables and a couple of logic puzzles. Previous assignments can be found here, but you can do this one without having done the others first.

STEP questions are difficult, they are supposed to be and you should expect to get stuck. However, as you tackle more and more STEP questions you will develop a range of problem solving skills (and spend less time "being stuck"). Support is available on the STEP Support discussion forum.

About this assignment

The assignment is published as a pdf file below. Each STEP Support assignment module starts with a warm-up exercise, followed by preparatory work leading to a STEP question. Finally, there is a warm-down exercise.

The warm up for this assignment leads you through a proof that the angle at the centre of a circle is twice the angle at the circumference.

The main STEP question (1995 STEP I Question 1) starts off with a cubic inequality and then leads into inequalities in two variables on the (x,y) plane. It is a nice example of a STEP questions where each part builds upon the one before.

The final question consists of two logical thinking puzzles. The first one needs careful thought – consider carefully what could be on the other sides of the cards. For the second puzzle you might like to think about what times you could measure. The fact that they are non-uniform means that they do not burn evenly throughout; you cannot bend it into quarters and see how long it takes for three of the quarters to burn through.

IT-510 MILESTONE FOUR: SYSTEM DESIGN DOCUMENT2IT-510 Milestone Four: System Design DocumentThe main purpose of this case study is to help URCovered, Inc. implement a mobile application to improve customer service in claim management. A mobile application know by most as an APP is a software designed to run on phones or tablets. URCovered implemented a committee to study how the mobile application influences customer service. The System Design Document being covered for URCovered INC. claim management will provide information fromsystem architecture to security and all that’s covered between the two. The diagrams and content being covered in this document is important in that it gives the audience an in-depth view of the operating system for claim management including its software, hardware, and database. These are important in that it shows the flow of operation for our system and helps the audience keep up with visual effects to show what would otherwise hard to comprehend in on paper. Recommendations to ManagementSystem Request SummaryThe soluton proposed by me ±o upda±e URCovered INC. claim managemen± wi±h address ±he concerns brough± up in ±he meetng by managemen± by addressing ±he “human-like in±eracton” and “one-on-one” feeling ±hey reques±ed. The sys±em will be ±asked wi±h providing user friendly informaton ±ha± bo±h±he consumer and case manager can use. A notFcaton sys±em in±egra±ed ±o notfy consumer when ±he s±a±us of ±he claim changes. I± has ±o allow cha± capabilites be±ween ±he case manager and cus±omer, like a buil± in IM applicaton (±hink ²acebook messenger). The sys±em will also have case manager’s informaton and con±ac± info, if one is no± satsFed or canno± Fnd ±he answer on ±he applicaton. The sys±em will cu± back on ±he phone calls received by case manager as mos± users have moved away from PC and mos±ly browse ±he in±erne± on mobile devices. Improving on ±he old sys±ems as you had ±o be a± a desk±op compu±er ±o use i±.