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Television Is A Boon Essays

Television is really a boon for us by John Logie Baird. It gives us pleasure, entertain us, can hear and see images, Can see the world by this.
                Television is not only entertain us also gives us good knowledge of the world with just switch on. If one has not a tv set it means he has no knowledge of the world. Now it has became one of the basic need among food, clothing, shelter and TV. There is a lot of educational programme that gives us a lot of educational which gives us handy knowledge of geography, mechanical, literature, current issues and event. And one doesn’t need to read a newspaper. Just within few minutes watch and listen the news and live reports. Children can play games in it. That time has gone when you need to go to parks, evening walks for recreation.
                  A study reveals children became aggressive and quarrelsome those who watch the fighting and horror movies and serials, which children prefer most. Watching TV for hours is not a healthy practice for both physical and mental health, it creates eye redness, burning sensation in eye, etc. People watch to TV so much that they even watch the cricket match in office. Some avail leave to watch cricket matches which affects the office works at the same time of our country. Another study reveals that 59% of Indian watches TV 5-6 hours a day and 3.2% in woman, which has raisen to 22% in comparison to the year 2009.   Most of houses have two TV set. We are so much associates with it that they are living under one roof. One comes from office and stick to TV, Grandpa doesn’t like enough to go to parks or play with his grand children rather prefers to watch some spiritual serial, movie or some other programme, which leads to less interaction with family members and it lessen time to interact with family members.
                No doubt TV is a boon for us and it is the man who has made TV a curse for him. It is a good entertainer and a device of education that we should learn...

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Television is a striking creation of science in the world of technology. Everything has boons and banes so television also has many boons and banes. Television is a resource that can be used to educate and entertain people of different ages. It is the most up-to-date means of spreading thoughts and ideas. It is a way of pictographic communication. It broadcasts news, music, interviews of famous people, different programs, and a variety of other things. Television has also done a great job in the field of education. There are many quiz shows on television which increase the knowledge of students. Schools often use television as a way of educating students as on television they can express many things that cannot be done in the classroom. The people who are ill or who are disabled to go out can pass their time by watching television.

Although television has given us all these boons and facilities but we should also be aware of the banes. It has a bad effect on children. Some students neglect their studies because of television. Watching too much television can be injurious to our eyes and health.

In general, if television is used in a good way than it is a useful invention however if it is used in a bad way than it has many bad effects.