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Nice Phrases About Happiness Essay

Happiness is a state of mind. It’s a feeling that keeps people healthy and fit. Even though, the word sounds too simple; but it is actually difficult to achieve now-a-days. We all want happiness, but we seldom know the actual route to attain true happiness. There are many meditation or yoga centres that give speech on happiness. There can be situation when you may be required to deliver one of such speeches. We are sharing some sample speech on happiness that would certainly help you to impress your audience. Our short speech on happiness can be used at any occasion may it be a family gathering or an official reason. The long speeches on happiness that we have shared are good for using at corporate levels or wisdom centres. You can draw references from these happiness speeches and prepare your own speech to leave an impact on your audience.

Speech on Happiness

Speech on Happiness 1

Good Morning Friends!

I hope that you all are enjoying your day so far! I am the motivational speaker and I am often called at schools and colleges to deliver speeches that can inspire young and aspiring student like you. I am very sure that each one of you want to achieve success in your life and if I ask you, what is more important for you ‘happiness’ or ‘success’; you would probably take seconds to choose ‘success’ as more important element of your life, which is good in a way. But happiness is something that can be achieved even without being successful.

Many people associate success with happiness and they feel that they can be happy only if they are successful which shouldn’t be the case because success is circumstantial and happiness is not. You can stay happy even if you don’t own a big bungalow, huge car or fat bank balance, etc. But the important thing is that you must first identify what makes you happy?

Everyone is looking for happiness but only very few people actually know what makes them happy in life. Even though life poses various challenges and obstacles in life; you should always be prepared to accept and overcome those challenges, but as far as our happiness is concerned there is no secret mantra for happiness and so you must try to find out where your true happiness lies. Always remember that your life would always be what you make it.

There are some basic rules which you must adopt if you want to stay happy and enjoy each and every moment of your life. The first and most important rule is to live in present. You might have failed in the past, but the best thing is to seek lesson from those and move forward as whatever might have happened in the past cannot be changed in the present; thus there is no gain in lamenting over the past. In addition, future is unseen; you cannot be certain about the circumstances that are likely to occur in the future. Thus, you shouldn’t make big plans about the future. Of course, you must be prepared for the circumstances but you cannot be certain about it. So trust me the best thing is to stay and live in the present because only that is what can be controlled and can make you happy.

Another important thing is to stay positive in your life and you must also watch your attitude towards your competitors and should never nurture ill feelings towards them. Always indulge into healthy competition and should never take your competition beyond a point where you start treating them as your rivals and get into any kind of enmity. You should only attempt to get ahead of them and not harm them in any ways. Having a compassionate attitude towards others is what will eventually give you happiness from within.

It is also important that you are not stubborn or adamant about anything. There is a difference between being persistent and being adamant and you should be able to differentiate between both. Your willpower must be strong enough to make you achieve what you want to; but you shouldn’t position your happiness on that particular thing itself. It is important that you are flexible enough to compromise on certain things.

Staying happy is everyone’s right, but it solely depends upon people as to what exactly makes them happy. Artificial or materialistic happiness is temporary; thus you must try to achieve the real happiness of your life.

Thank You!

Speech on Happiness 2

Respected Principal, Dear Fellow Teachers and My Dear Students!

We have gathered today to give farewell to the final year students of our Engineering College; post this day, you’ll get the annual leave for your final exams and then hopefully, you’ll head forward to shape your life in your respective ways. I feel extremely glad to host this function and I am going to use this platform to share today some important lessons of my life, which of course couldn’t have been taught in your curriculum.

I am sure that each one of you wants to succeed in life and wants to achieve the best for yourself. But I would like to say that always remain happy with whatever you achieve and never get disheartened or hopeless even if you face failures in life. Always remember that happiness is much more important than anything else in life. According to psychology, happiness is an emotional and mental state of well-being; the definition of happiness may vary from person to person, but the feeling remains uniform irrespective of the reason of happiness.

I have come across several people, who have every possible luxury in life, great bank balance, property, etc and yet they are unhappy. Most of us misunderstand that a successful or a rich person is happy; but the fact is that success, rich, money, luxury, etc have nothing to do with happiness. In today’s world, everything else can be achieved but happiness. I would like to mention that for being happy, you must be considerate towards everyone who is lower in status or earning. Always respect others and help people if they approach you.

Also, it is important that you pursue your passion, hobby or dream along with pursuing your career; because fulfillment of passion or hobby would certainly make you happy. Find interest in the field of arts, music, gardening, etc as these activities would surely energies you for new challenges at work.

If you are happy, you will always think positive in life even if you fail or lose someday. Success and failure are the two sides of the same coin. Don’t place your happiness on your success as success is a situation and happiness is one’s mental and an emotional state. Your situation may change any day, so you should not waste thinking too much about something which is beyond your control.

There are many people who struggle due to ill health, which ultimately make them unhappy and sad. Thus, you must live a balanced life; eat healthy food, do regular exercise, take proper rest and sleep on time. All these simple, but important steps would not only keep you fit but would also make you happy.

Happiness is everyone’s right but the way to happiness may differ from person to person. You must find your reasons for happiness yourself and move forward towards achieving them. Don’t ignore your family while you are on the path of success or career; because all these things may change someday but your family will always stay with you through thick and thin. Spend quality time with them, go out on weekends and share your happy moments with them.

Well, today is your day; so enjoy it to the fullest and always be happy.

Thank You!

Speech on Happiness 3

A very good morning to all of you!

Today is 20th March 2017 and this event has been organized in our colony for the celebration of “International Happiness Day” and it was founded by United Nation’s advisor Jayme Illien. Happiness has many meanings like gratification, triumph, joy, amusement etc. Everything that we do in our life is directly or indirectly connected to happiness and it can be for ourselves or for somebody else. Every creature in this world wants happiness. Everybody is afraid of getting hurt or to feel pain. There is a necessity to enjoy each and every moment in our lives. In this entire world, almost everyone is working hard to fulfill their needs and it is because of the happiness that we get from our satisfaction when our needs are fulfilled. But there are many people in this world who are not able to fulfill their needs and are still happy because they are satisfied of what they have today and they live in the present rather than worrying about tomorrow. So, happiness becomes a choice for an individual that whether he wants to link his/her happiness with his/her success or with the present. If you want to live a happy life then try to live in your present rather than ruining it by worrying about tomorrow.

In our lives, we go through many problems and complications but some people gives up and some fights for their victory. We need to understand that there is not a single problem that does not have a solution but, it just needs our hard work to find that solution. There are many people in this world who do not get proper facilities like food, shelter etc but they still tries to find happiness from what they have in present. In life, there is no need to connect happiness with success because failures could come in every person’s life many times and it is also important in its place. People have their own definition of happiness. For some it is success but for some it is not more than a sensual pleasure. The people who run after success or want to be successful forgets to live their lives in present but the people who lives in present or live a happy life are always successful.

If we want to be happy than there are many keys for a happy life. Many people have a habit of comparing themselves with others. For example: if I have a car but I found someone who has a better car then me and here begins the unhappy feeling in my mind when I compare myself with that person and which is a bad habit. So, we should have a feeling of doing better but we should not compare our lives with somebody else’s. We all should try to convert our lives from success oriented to happiness oriented because living a life without luxury but with happiness is far better than a life with luxury but no happiness.

On this note, I would like to conclude my speech and humbly wish that you all may get happiness in life.

Thank you!


Speech on Happiness 4

Good Morning Honorable Principal, Honorable Teachers and My Dear Students!

Today, this special assembly has been organized especially for the students as the whole world is celebrating “International Happiness Day”, we also wanted to spread a little happiness among children by a small celebration and for this we have invited some of the homeless children so that we could do something for their happiness. But before the celebration begins, I would like to say a few words on happiness. So, what is happiness? Although, it cannot be explained but still, it is a feeling of well being and fortunate.

You all should feel lucky that you all have got houses to live, school for education and many other facilities but there are many children who have not got these facilities and still they live happily despite of going through infinite difficulties. Every day I see many children with many facilities feels unlucky or thinks that their life is not good. This is very inappropriate behaviour of us. We should try to find happiness in everything that we have got in our lives and should feel very fortunate that we are blessed with these facilities. We feel happiness by ourselves in two ways. First, when we do anything for ourselves that makes us happy and second is when we do something for someone else that makes others happy.

In life, we should do something for others that could become a reason for their smile. Happiness always increases when we try to share them with others. We should do something for the people who are homeless or are lacking in facilities like food etc if you will do something for them then trust me, it is going to be the best feeling when you will see a smile on their faces that will came because of you and it should not be limited to the human beings but also for the other living beings also.

The most heartbreaking thing which happens for a school and parents is when students commit suicides due to the pressure of studies and sometimes of their parents. We should understand that hard work is a key to success and success is a biggest source of happiness because if there is no pain then there will be no gain. So we should prefer happiness rather than stepping back in difficulties. We should know how to find happiness in everything. Even we can defeat our difficulties easily with a smile. So, spreading happiness among living beings is a most beautiful deed that we can do in our lives. We should never give up in the hard times because at the time when we will achieve our success it will give us happiness.

On this note, I would like to conclude my speech and extend special thanks to our honorable Principal ma’am for giving us this priceless opportunity to spread felicity among people and I am feeling very proud in being a part of such a great event.

Thank you very much and I wish you all a great day ahead!


This is my collection of happiness quotes.

I think happiness quotes are a great way to share the wisdom of the ages and modern day sages.

I think a good quote is a like a good song … it means something to you, maybe even beyond the original intentions.

By filling your quiver of insights with inspiring quotes, you have more to draw from in any situation.  This post will help you fill your quiver with happiness quotes you can use throughout your life.

As you scan and sift through the happiness quotes, ask yourself, “how can I use this?”

What the Great Ones Teach Us About Happiness

Philosophers, scientists, and comedians have taught us a lot about happiness.  Maybe one of the most important lessons they’ve taught us is to look inward for happiness.

Sometimes it’s right in front of you and you just have to grab it.

They’ve also taught us that our thought patterns can limit or enable our happiness.  They’ve  taught us that happiness isn’t static.   They’ve taught us that happiness isn’t about things.

In fact, sometimes it’s about doing … doing what we love.

My Thoughts on Happiness

I think the key themes boil down to how we talk to ourselves, how we respond to things, how we make meaning, who we spend time with, and how we make the most of what we’ve got.   The other key thing is that happiness is dynamic and it’s not a static state.

It’s about living, learning and growing, and rolling with the punches.  I also think it’s important to think of happiness as a skill.  Drive from happiness.  For durable happiness, lead your happiness from the inside out.  Most importantly – enjoy the process.

Top 10 Happiness Quotes

Here are my top 10 favorite happiness quotes:

  1. “Happiness is a warm puppy.” – Charles M. Schulz
  2. “I am a kind of paranoiac in reverse.  I suspect people of plotting to make me happy.” – J.D. Salinger
  3. “If you think sunshine brings you happiness, then you haven’t danced in the rain.” – Unknown
  4. “It is only possible to live happily ever after on a day to day basis.” – Margaret Bonnano
  5. “It isn’t what you have, or who you are, or where you are, or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy. It is what you think about.” – Dale Carnegie
  6. “Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” – Abraham Lincoln
  7. “Nobody can take away your pain, so don’t let anyone take away your happiness.” – Unknown
  8. “The art of living does not consist in preserving and clinging to a particular mode of happiness, but in allowing happiness to change its form without being disappointed by the change; happiness, like a child, must be allowed to grow up. ” – Charles L. Morgan
  9. “The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance, the wise grows it under his feet.” – James Oppenheim
  10. “The grand essentials of happiness are: something to do, something to love, and something to hope for.” – Allan K. Chalmers

What is Happiness

According to Wikipedia, happiness is “a state of mind or feeling characterized by contentment, love, satisfaction, pleasure, or joy.”    Here are some quotes that illuminate and define happiness from different perspectives:

“But what is happiness except the simple harmony between a man and the life he leads?”

— Albert Camus

“Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace and gratitude.”

— Denis Waitley

“Happiness is… usually attributed by adults to children, and by children to adults.”

— Thomas Szasz

“Happiness is a direction, not a place.”

— Sydney J. Harris

“Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others without getting a few drops on yourself.”

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Happiness is a Swedish sunset -it is there for all, but most of us look the other way and lose it.”

— Mark Twain

“Happiness is an attitude. We either make ourselves miserable, or happy and strong. The amount of work is the same.”

— Francesca Reigler

“Happiness is as a butterfly which, when pursued, is always beyond our grasp, but which if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you.”

— Nathaniel Hawthorne

“Happiness is having a large, loving, caring, close-knit family in another city.”

— George Burns

“Happiness is not a goal; it is a by-product.”

— Eleanor Roosevelt

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”

— Mohandas K. Gandhi

“Happiness is when your mind is thinking through your heart.”

— Judi Singleton

“Happiness, it seems to me, consists of two things: first, in being where you belong, and second -and best -in comfortably going through everyday life, that is, having had a good night’s sleep and not being hurt by new shoes.”

— Theodor “Fontane

“Happiness is not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort.”

— Franklin D. Roosevelt

“Independence is happiness.”

— Susan B. Anthony

“That is happiness; to be dissolved into something completely great.”

— Willa Cather

“There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved.”

— George Sand

“To fill the hour -that is happiness.”

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Unhappiness is best defined as the difference between our talents and our expectations.”

— Edward de Bono

“Wisdom is the supreme part of happiness.”

— Sophocles

Skilled Happiness

You can learn to be happy and you can improve your happiness with skills.  When you think of it as a skill, you can change your thinking, feeling, and doing to drive from happiness.  Here are some quotes on building a happiness habit:

“Everything is material for the seed of happiness, if you look into it with inquisitiveness and curiosity. The future is completely open, and we are writing it moment to moment. There always is the potential to create an environment of blame -or one that is conducive to loving-kindness.”

— Pema Chodron

“Happiness held is the seed; happiness shared is the flower.”

-– Unknown

“Happiness is a conscious choice, not an automatic response.”

— Mildred Barthel

“Happiness is a habit—cultivate it.”

— Elbert Hubbard

“Happiness is a thing to be practiced, like the violin.”

— John Lubbock

“Happiness is a choice that requires effort at times.”

-– Aeschylus

“Happiness is an attitude of mind, born of the simple determination to be happy under all outward circumstances.”

— J. Donald Walters

“If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.”

— Dalai Lama

“It is of immense importance to learn to laugh at ourselves.”

— Katherine Mansfield

“Misery is almost always the result of thinking.”

— Joseph Joubert

“The truth is that our finest moments are most likely to occur when we are feeling deeply uncomfortable, unhappy, or unfulfilled. For it is only in such moments, propelled by our discomfort, that we are likely to step out of our ruts and “start searching for different ways or truer answers.”

— M. Scott Peck

“There is a wonderful mythical law of nature that the three things we crave most in life — happiness, freedom, and peace of mind — are always attained by giving them to someone else.”

— Peyton Conway March

“When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us.”

— Helen Keller

“When we feel love and kindness toward others, it not only makes others feel loved and cared for, but it helps us also to develop inner happiness and peace.”

— Dalai Lama

The Pursuit of Happiness

Chasing happiness can make it elusive.  You have to bake happiness into the journey.  Here are some quotes on pursuing happiness:

“Growth itself contains the germ of happiness.”

— Pearl S. Buck

“Happiness is as a butterfly which, when pursued, is always beyond our grasp, but which if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you.”

— Nathaniel Hawthorne

“If only we’d stop trying to be happy we’d have a pretty good time.”

— Edith Wharton

“If you observe a really happy man you will find him building a boat, writing a symphony, educating his son, growing double dahlias in his garden. He will not be searching for happiness as if it were a collar button that has rolled under the radiator.”

— W. Beran Wolfe

“In the pursuit of happiness, the difficulty lies in knowing when you have caught up.”

— R. H. Grenville

“It’s pretty hard to tell what does bring happiness. Poverty and wealth have both failed.”

— Kin Hubbard

“The perfection of wisdom, and the end of true philosophy is to proportion our wants to our possessions, our ambitions to our capacities, we will then be a happy and a virtuous people.”

— Mark Twain

“The pursuit of happiness is a most ridiculous phrase, if you pursue happiness you’ll never find it.”

— C. P. Snow

“The true way to render ourselves happy is to love our work and find in it our pleasure.”

— Francoise de Motteville

“There is a wonderful mythical law of nature that the three things we crave most in life -happiness, freedom, and peace of mind -are always attained by giving them to someone else.”

— Peyton Conway March

“We are no longer happy so soon as we wish to be happier.”

— Walter Savage Landor

“You can never get enough of what you don’t need to make you happy.”

— Eric Hoffer

“You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life.”

— Albert Camus

The Secret of Happiness

You don’t have to climb a mountain and ask a guru about the secret of happiness (although that could be fun.)  You can gain deep insights from some of the various happiness quotes:

“Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action.”

— Benjamin Disraeli

“Gratefulness is the key to a happy life that we hold in our hands, because if we are not grateful, then no matter how much we have we will not be happy -because we will always want to have something else or something more.”

— Brother David Steindl-Rast

“Happiness belongs to the self-sufficient.”

-– Aristotle

“Happiness cannot come from without. It must come from within. It is not what we see and touch or that which others do for us which makes us happy; it is that which we think and feel and do, first for the other fellow and then for ourselves.”

— Helen Keller

“Happiness comes when your work and words are of benefit to yourself and others.”

-– Buddha

“Happiness often sneaks in through a door you didn’t know you left open.”

— John Barrymore

“I don’t know what your destiny will be, but one thing I do know: the only ones among you who will be really happy are those who have sought and found how to serve.”

— Albert Schweitzer

“If you observe a really happy man you will find him building a boat, writing a symphony, educating his son, growing double dahlias in his garden. He will not be searching for happiness as if it were a collar button that has rolled under the radiator.”

— W. Beran Wolfe

“It is only possible to live happily ever after on a day to day basis.”

— Margaret Bonnano

“Many people have a wrong idea of what constitutes true happiness. It is not attained through self-gratification, but through fidelity to a worthy purpose.”

— Helen Keller

“My life has no purpose, no direction, no aim, no meaning, and yet I’m happy. I can’t figure it out. What am I doing right?”

— Charles Schulz

“Our days are happier when we give people a bit of our heart rather than a piece of our mind.”

-– Unknown

“People spend a lifetime searching for happiness; looking for peace. They chase idle dreams, addictions, religions, even other people, hoping to fill the emptiness that plagues them. The irony is the only place they ever needed to search was within.”

— Ramona L. Anderson

“Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.”

— Thich Nhat Hanh

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.”

— Albert Schweitzer

“That man is richest whose pleasures are cheapest.”

— Henry David Thoreau

“The amount of happiness that you have depends on the amount of freedom you have in your heart.”

— Thich Nhat Hanh

“The basic thing is that everyone wants happiness, no one wants suffering. And happiness mainly comes from our own attitude, rather than from external factors. If your own mental attitude is correct, even if you remain in a hostile atmosphere, you feel happy.”

— Dalai Lama

“The happiest people don’t have the best of everything. They just make the best of everything.”

-– Unknown

“The happiness that is genuinely satisfying is accompanied by the fullest exercise of our faculties and the fullest realization of the world in which we live.”

— Bertrand Russell

“The greatest happiness you can have is knowing that you do not necessarily require happiness.”

— William Saroyan

“The greatest part of our happiness depends on our dispositions, not our circumstances.”

— Martha Washington

“The mind is its own place, and in itself, can make heaven of Hell, and a hell of Heaven.”

— John Milton

“There is neither happiness nor misery in the world; there is only the comparison of one state to another, nothing more. He who has felt the deepest grief is best able to experience supreme happiness. We must have felt what it is to die, that we may appreciate the enjoyments of life.”

— Alexandre Dumas

“To be truly happy and contented, you must let go of what it means to be happy or content.”

-– Confucius

“What we call the secret of happiness is no more a secret than our willingness to choose life.”

— Leo Buscaglia

General Quotes About Happiness

Here are some general quotes about happiness:

“A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.”

— Herm Albright

“All men have a sweetness in their life. That is what helps them go on. It is towards that they turn when they feel too worn out.”

— Albert Camus

“All seasons are beautiful for the person who carries happiness within.”

— Horace Friess

“But friendship is precious, not only in the shade, but in the sunshine of life; and thanks to a benevolent arrangement of things, the greater part of life is sunshine.”

— Thomas Jefferson

“Consider the following. We humans are social beings. We come into the world as the result of others’ actions. We survive here in dependence on others. Whether we like it or not, there is hardly a moment of our lives when we do not benefit from others’ activities. For this reason it is hardly surprising that most of our happiness arises in the context of our relationships with others.”

— Dalai Lama

“Even a happy life cannot be without a measure of darkness, and the word happy would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness. It is far better take things as they come along with patience and equanimity.”

— Carl Jung

“Everyone smiles in the same language.”

-– Unknown

“Everyone wants to be happy and nobody wants to feel pain, but you can’t make rainbows without any rain.”

-– Unknown

“Happiness is not so much in having as sharing. We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

— Norman MacEwan

“Here we are the way politics ought to be in America; the politics of happiness, the politics of purpose and the politics of joy.”

— Hubert H. Humphrey

“I can think of nothing less pleasurable than a life devoted to pleasure.”

— John D. Rockefeller

“I don’t know why we are here, but I’m pretty sure that it is not in order to enjoy ourselves.”

— Ludwig Wittgenstein

“I think I’m afraid to be happy, because whenever I get too happy, something bad always happens.”

— Charlie Brown

“Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.”

— Marcel Proust

“Love is a condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.”

— Robert Heinlein

“One should never direct people towards happiness, because happiness too is an idol of the market-place. One should direct them towards mutual affection. A beast gnawing at its prey can be happy too, but only human beings can feel affection for each other, and this is the highest achievement they can aspire to.”

— Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

“Sanity and happiness are an impossible combination.”

— Mark Twain

“Smile -it makes people wonder what you’re thinking.”

-– Unknown

“Smile -tomorrow could be a lot worse.”

-– Unknown

“The most I can do for my friend is simply to be his friend. I have no wealth to bestow on him. If he knows that I am happy in loving him, he will want no other reward. Is not friendship divine in this?”

—  Henry David Thoreau

“The truest greatness lies in being kind, the truest wisdom in a happy mind.”

— Ella Wheeler Wilcox

“The truth which has made us free will in the end make us glad also.”

— Felix Adler

“The world has to learn that the actual pleasure derived from material things is of rather low quality on the whole and less even in quantity than it looks to those who have not tried it.”

— Oliver Wendell Holmes

“There are as many nights as days, and the one is just as long as the other in the year’s course. Even a happy life cannot be without a measure of darkness, and the word ‘happy’ would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness. ”

— Carl Jung

“There is no duty we so underrate as the duty of being happy. By being happy we sow anonymous benefits upon the world.”

— Robert Louis Stevenson

“Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others, cannot keep it from themselves.”

— James M. Barrie

“To be without some of the things you want is an indispensable part of happiness.”

— Bertrand Russell

“What everyone wants from life is continuous and genuine happiness.”

— Baruch Spinoza

“When you have once seen the glow of happiness on the face of a beloved person, you know that a man can have no vocation but to awaken that light on the faces surrounding him; and you are torn by the thought of the unhappiness and night you cast, by the mere fact of living, in the hearts you encounter.”

— Albert Camus

“Whoever is happy will make others happy, too.”

— Mark Twain

Help me find the best of the best happiness quotes.

What are your favorite quotes on happiness that lift you up through thick and through thin?

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