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Homework Meme Tumblr Face

It’s been quite a while since I’ve been a student (okay, it actually hasn’t been that long), and while I miss a lot of things about school, there is one thing I will probably never miss: homework. There are few good things to say about homework, AKA the work you have to get done even after spending eight hours stuck in a classroom. The work you’re doing when you could be relaxing, hanging out with friends, or, I don’t know, making money at a part-time job. Ugh.

Few people on the Internet understand your homework problems the way Tumblr users do. I mean, does anyone understand anything the way Tumblr users do? I don’t think so. Here’s just one more procrastination tool – 26 times Tumblr perfectly explained your homework struggles. Enjoy, share, reblog… and, yeah, do your homework!


1. Accurate.



2. We’ve all done this. 


3. When you work on a “group” project…



4.Thank you, homework.






6. Everyone’s life, at some point.



7. Oops!



8. Has to be one of the worst moments ever.



9. And how are you supposed to do this, exactly?



10. Helpful homework excuses that will work!


11. LOL by 8 I mean in the morning.



12. Everything is totally fine.



13. Seems correct.



14. Tumblr, making homework even more difficult.



15. Giving homework excuses like…



16. In this case, you’re all the signs.



17. Welcome to my life!



18. YUP



19. This is exactly what this feeling feels like.



20. Sub in your worst subject and…



21. There is no regret like procrastination regret.



22. Especially the day after you didn’t do your homework.



23. Oops.



24. Not today, homework.



25. Exactly.




Which of these Tumblr posts is your favorite? What did we forget to include? Tell me in the comments.

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