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29 February 2008

29th Annual Paperback Books Show and Sale- March 30, 2008!
The 29th Paperback Collectors Show and Sale is set for March 30, 2008 at the Guesthouse Inn, 10621 Sepulveda Blvd., Mission Hills, California. This is a one day show from 9 AM ending at 4:30 PM.

There will be 30 signing guests in attendance:

Karen Anderson
Victor Banis
Ann Bannon
Peter Beagle
Ray Bradbury
Gary Brandner
Stuart Byrne
Louis Charbonneau
Arthur Byron Cover
Laura Freas
Bill George
David Gerrold
Mel Gilden
Donald Glut
Barbara Hambly
Jim Harmon
George Clayton Johnson
Earl Kemp
Michael Kurland
Mike Lester
Richard Lupoff
Larry Maddock
Larry Niven
William F. Nolan
Charles Nuetzel

Patrick O'Connor
Frederik Pohl
Frank Robinson
Harry Turtledove
Stephen Woodworth
There are about 70 dealer tables at the show selling mainly vintage paperbacks, but also magazines, pulps, hardbacks, comics and related material as well.  The show is just off the freewway  where the 118 freeway intersects with the 405 freeway in the north San Fernando Valley.Admission is only $5 and parking is free.

The two people to contact regarding the show are: 
Thomas Lesser (818-349-3844) and Rose Idlet at Black Ace Books (323-661-5052). 

Location: Guest House Inn -- Conference Center
Address: 10621 Sepulveda Blvd, Mission Hills, California
Contact Name: Rosemary Idlet of Black Ace Books
Contact Phone: 323-661-5052
Contact Email:
Admission fee: $5.00. Parking is free.
Hours: 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (one-day event)

Thanks to Marty Swiatkowski for the tip!

Adventure House - Pulp facsimile reprints coming in June!
REAL MYSTERY - July 1940, 7x10, 112 pages, $14.95
STAR DETECTIVE - April 1936, 7x10, 128 pages, $14.95
SECRET AGENT X - June 1938, 7x10, 96 pages, $14.95

Miracle Science & Fantasy Stories
June-July 1931

Spicy Mystery Stories
September 1942

Adventure House - Coming in July!
HIGH ADVENTURE #101 featuring DAN FOWLER, G-MAN DETECTIVE in "Station D-E-A-T-H" by Brett Sterling
When public mad dog number one sinks his fangs in the throat of American Commerce, the might of the F.B.I. is pitted against a gigantic nationwide hijacking combine!  Follow Dan Fowler as he pursues a daring crime chief who hurls defiance at the forces of law!

7x10, 112 pages, $7.95

Adventure House - Coming in September!
HIGH ADVENTURE #102 featuring BLACK BAT in "Blind Man's Bluff" by G. Wayman Jones

A returning wanderer, a substitute corpse, a faithless girl, a vague-minded musican and a murdered man are all parts of the grim jigsaw of crime that Tony Quinn must fit together!

From the pages of Black Book Detective - Winter 1946
7x10, 112 pages, $7.95

Altus Press - Now available!

For the first time in one collection, all four original Doctor Death stories from ALL-DETECTIVE in 1934-35:
"Doctor Death," "Cargo of Death," "Death's I O U" and "Thirteen Pearls."

Written by Edward P. Norris, this series leads into the classic DOCTOR DEATH pulp series of 1935. Contains an all-new introduction written by Tom Johnson.

Trade paperback, $19.95, 215 pages, 6" x 9", perfect binding, black and white interior ink

Hardcover, $29.95, 335 pages, 6" x 9", jacket-hardcover binding, black and white interior ink
Limit to 100 copies.

Altus Press

Recent releases:
THUNDER JIM WADE by Henry Kuttner

Coming soon:
THE NIGHT MASTER by Robert Sampson

Anthony Tollin's Sanctum Productions and Nostalgia Ventures Inc
Coming in March!
"The Red Spider, ""Terror Wears No Shoes" and "Return from Cormoral"

The 75th birthday of the pulp era's greatest superhero is commemorated with a unique triple-novel edition. The Man of Bronze penetrates the Iron Curtain in "The Red Spider," a Cold War thriller that was "lost" until 1979, and showcases for the first time the unpublished art Edd Cartier created for the story in 1948. Then, in "Terror Wears No Shoes," Doc Savage journeys to Hong Kong to prevent a deadly germ warfare attack against the United States.  Finally, a scientist is able to predict the future after his "Return from Cormoral." PLUS: the rare 1932 FIRST adventure of the Man of Bronze: "Doc Savage, Supreme Adventurer" by John Nanovic! This collector's item pulp reprint features Bob Larkin's spectacular cover painting, original color pulp covers by George Rozen and Walter Swensen, interior illustrations by Edd Cartier and Paul Orban and historical articles by Will Murray, author of seven Doc Savage novels. (Sanctum Productions) Softcover, 7x10, B&W, $12.95

Includes the rare 1932 FIRST adventure of the Man of Bronze: "Doc Savage, Supreme Adventurer" by John Nanovic!
THE CIMMERIAN, VOLUME 5, NUMBER 1 (February) - Now available!
Edited by Leo Grin | Illustrated by Socar Myles
40 pages

Features a tour de force essay on REH’s “newer barbarians,” an article on Howard’s physical conception of barbarians, an enlightening textual analysis of one of Howard’s Conan stories, coverage of January’s REH Birthday Bash in Cross Plains, a poem by Cimmerian favorite Richard Tierney, The Lion’s Den, and more.

Each issue was printed in two editions.
The deluxe edition, numbered 1-75, uses a black linencover with foil-stamped amethyst
The limited edition, numbered 76-225, uses an amethyst
cover with solid black text.
The Cimmerian website for complete details.

Deluxe edition: $15 Limited edition: $10 each.

1 Book: First Class (arrives in few days) $4
2-4 books: Priority Mail (arrives in few days)$5

1-4 books: Airmail (arrives in a few days) $5

INTERNATIONAL (most other countries — Europe, Australia, Asia, etc.)
1-4 books: Airmail (arrives in 4-7 days) is $10; Surface Mail (by boat, usually takes 4+ weeks) varies from country to country, please inquire with the editor.

You can only pay with a credit card or bank account by using PayPal.
Send PayPal payments to

You can also send checkor money order, made payable to THECIMMERIAN, to:
P. O. Box 5572
Visit The Cimmerian website for full ordering information and back issue availability.

CHRONICLES OF CONAN VOLUME 14 - Arriving in comic shops March 5th!
Written by Roy Thomas, art by John Buscema.

Conan faces his most arduous adventure yet as he matches his wits and brawn against the very forces of nature itself -- no small task, even for a man who's done battle with wizards, otherworldly beasts, and ancient gods. But will the strength of steel really be enough against such powers?

All this plus the tenth anniversary story by Roy Thomas and John Buscema, this volume marks the end of an era -- collecting the final issues of Thomas' run on Conan the Barbarian. Featuring completely re-mastered color, this volume collects Conan the Barbarian Issues # 108-115.

160 pages, $16.95

Dark Horse Comics

E-texts on the net this week
The Shadow in Review:
This weeks Shadow review is "The Museum Murders" from January 1, 1943.

A special five-part series of Two-Minute Shadow Mysteries begins continues this week, "The Golden Plot."
In the third part, entitled "Different Shades of Justice," The Shadow prevents wanton destruction and death, and saves an innocent man.
It's written by Charles W. Johnson II.

Shadows of the Pulps:   Nothing new this week.

Pulpgen-Online Pulps:   Now with over 900 stories online!

"Shoot Fast, But Shoot Straight!" by Sam Carson from THRILLING DETECTIVE, December, 1946
They called Asa Myers, ex-cop, a "back number" - but he didn't hesitate to match lead with murderous gangsters!
"To Skid or Not to Skid" by C. S. Montanye from TOP-NOTCH MAGAZINE, March 1, 1919
Another adventure of crackpot inventor Archibald Catfitz. He invents the Catfitz Skidless Safety Skidder for automobiles.

Girasol Collectables: THE COMPLETE MAGIC CARPET MAGAZINE - Coming in April!
Girasol Collectables has been very pleased with the positive response to the ORIENTAL STORIES Limited Edition hardcover set, and hopes everyone is enjoying the books. As you probably know, the title changed name from ORIENTAL STORIES to MAGIC CARPET MAGAZINE, and lasted another 5 issues, put out quarterly, before being cancelled altogether. Included are a couple of Robert E. Howard stories, and the only Robert E. Howard pulp appearance of Red Sonya, described somewhat differently than the chain mail bikini she wears in the various comics... the frontispiece illustration for the Limited Edition is an attempt at a more faithful rendition of the character.

Girasol will be ready to ship the 
MAGIC CARPET companion volume in mid to late April, and would like to take this opportunity to offer those who purchased the ORIENTAL STORIES Limit Edition their matching Limited Edition numbers at a pre-release special. After that, the book will be offered to the general public. The ORIENTAL STORIES sets have been going fairly quickly, and we're down to the last few left. The pricing is as shown below, and the pre-release price will be open until  the end of March. Girasol accepts checks, international money orders and Paypal, and if you'd like a Paypal invoice sent, let them know. If you haven't ordered by the end of March, they won't be able to guarantee being able to offer your matching number.

hardcover Limited Edition (single volume)

Containing all 5 issues of the classic pulp in facsimile form; Matching number to your ORIENTAL STORIES set:
Pre-release special: $115 + 5* s&h  (Total $120)

Regular price after pre-release expires: $130 + $5* s&h
(Total $135)(*s&h within North America -
overseas costs available on request)

Please let us know as soon as possible if you are interested in the matching number to your OS set, and payments are due by the end of March.

Gotham Pulp Collectors Club - Next meeting is March 8, 2008!
The Gotham Pulp Collectors Club is meeting again March 8, 2008 and that is the 75th anniversary of Doc Savage cover date March 1933, "Man of Bronze" the first issue of Doc Savage and the 85th anniversary of Weird Tales, cover date March 1923.

What a month.  We will be celebrating these first issues of these long running and seminal pulps.

When: March 8, 2008, 1 PM  to 4 PM
Where: The Hudson Park Library, 66 Leroy Street, Manhattan, West Village

All are invited to attend, so, if you have an interest in pulp magazines, please come and share tales of your interest in and collections with other pulp collectors. Some of us will bring representative issues of Doc Savage and Weird Tales to show from our collections and tall tales of how we got these books. All meetings are free and open to the public.

Robert E. Howard Days - June 13th and 14th!
Complete information for Robert E. Howard Days, June 13th and 14th, is now available over at the REHupa website:  

The annual Robert E. Howard Days celebration will take place June 13th and 14th in beautiful Cross Plains, Texas. There is a reasonably complete information page now online at where you find out almost everything you need to know about Robert E. Howard Days.

REHupa will be adding and revising information there as we need to. This year’s Howard Days is a little more relaxed, and a little more “fannish” in its programming, but it’ll be as fun as ever. It is THE place to be if you are any kind of a Howard Fan — if you weren’t, you probably wouldn’t be reading this anyway!

So check it all out, and make your plans to join in for some fine Robert E. Howard fellowship.

9:00 - 4:00: Howard House Museum open for tours. Closed for lunch.
9:00 - 4:00: Postal Cancellation at downtown Post Office
10:00 - 500: Public Library downtown open.
10:30 - 12:30 Walking and bus tours
10:30 Panel: REH Fanzines/Small Press past & present
12:00 Lunch in the pavilion - provided by Project Pride
12:30 - 4:00 Pavilion available for informal REH Swap Meet
2:00 Panel: Ice House Retrospective
5:30 Silent Auction available for browsing and bidding at dinner
6:30 Celebration dinner
Silent Auction ends right after dinner
9:00 Leo Grin’s Cimmerian Awards, hosted by Rob Roehm and Bill Cavalier at Pavilion
9:00 - 4:00 Howard House Museum open for tours (closed for lunch)
Annual Barbarian Festival downtown - a small town specialty: parade, car show, tractor show, live music, crafts, lots of food vendors
10:00 - 3:00 Public Library open downtown
10:30 - 12:30 Walking and bus tours
10:30 Panel: Deconstructing Blood & Thunder with Mark Finn
12:30 - 4:00 Pavilion available for informal REH Swap Meet
2:00 Panel: Robert E. Howard in Pop Culture
5:00 - 8:00 “Sunset BBQ at Caddo Peak,” hosted by the Middleton Family, owners of the beautiful Caddo Peak Ranch

Pulp Adventurecon #8 - March 29, 2008!
Rich Harvey will be holding another Pulp Adventurecon this Spring!
Special offer: $1 off if you print out this Coming Attractions announcement!
So far, our special guest will be CJ HENDERSON, contributor to Moonstone Books' Spider Chronicles and Kolchak: A Black and Evil Truth.  More info to be announced when available...

The location is the same:  Ramada Inn, Bordentown, NJ
March 29, 2008 from 10am - 4pm
Admission $6.00

This show will be in addition to the pulp show on November 1, 2008.

Pulpville Press - Now available!
THE RADIO MENACE by Ralph Milne Farley
FIRST EDITION! The Whoomangs have returned! They have invaded the Earth! Those who have seen them are considered crazy! How will the Earth be saved? And who are the Whoomangs? If you have read Farley's "The Radio Planet", you are aware of the Whoomangs. They reside on a continent on Venus where Myles Cabot, the Radio Man, Doggo, the Ant Man, and Quivven, the Golden Flame, landed, and each Whoomang has a "new soul". Well, at the conclusion of that book, Doggo and Quivven were still with the Whoomangs. They have now returned in this current book, and they are responsible for the invasion of the Earth. Follow the exploits of Assistant U.S. Attorney, Eliot Endicott and newspaper man Lawrence Larrabee as they try to unravel the mysterious happenings and disappearances in the United States, and uncover the plot of the Whoomangs. Illustrated.

Hardcover w/dustjacket   $24.95
Trade Paperback            $14.95

ReelArt Studios
The ReelArt Studios website has been updated with more News and additional Gallery pictures of Buck Rogers in the Golden Age Classics Gallery, William Paquet's rendition of Pulp's The Spider and his first two pieces to see production from our Paquet's Cabinet Of Curiosities line, The Monster and The Bride. There's also the second entry up for our AC Comics' Statuesque Heroines line, the ever-delectable Yankee Girl, fresh from the pages of AC Comics as updated from the Golden Age of Comics.

Next up for release in the Frank Frazetta line will be Tony Cipriano's Sun Goddess.
That will be followed by Gabe Perna's Spiderman.  
The Buck Rogers piece by Tony Cipriano will be a mid-Summer 2008 release.
Yankee Girl is now in production and there's a good opportunity for her also to see a mid-Summer 2008 release.

Expect Prince Valiant to be a mid-Summer to Fall 2008 release.
Joy and Tom Studios are starting in on Sheena, Queen Of the Jungle and are thinking of using an Irish McCalla likeness, although no artwork has been set at this time.

The first three William Paquet-sculpted pieces, The Monster, The Bride and The Spider, will all be on sale and shipping March 12, 2008 through Diamond Distributors and March 19 through Dark Horse Comics.

To see any of the above items, visit the ReelArt Studios website, slide the top scrollbar at the top right corner of the site down to the lowest position, click on ART GALLERY, and then select the item of interest. 

For those of you who missed out the first time around and had wished to obtain one of our AC Comics Blue Bulleteer pieces or one of the very-quickly sold out copies of Frank Cho's Babe and Ape then here is some temporary good news. Seven pieces of The Blue Bulleteer were discovered by Dark Horse in one of their warehouses and we can offer them to you for sale now at this time. Our Babe and Ape piece was so popular that it was sold out even before it officially went on sale and so probably never really saw any shelf display of any significance. We have manufactured more of this piece and are proud to tell you that there are about 130 additional copies available for purchase by all of you who inadvertently missed the boat the first time around. We very rarely manufacture more than our original run and so consider this a treat, people. It may not happen again with any other piece. ReelArt Studios

SAVAGE TALES #6- Arriving in comic shops March 5th!
by Various
Each issue of the bi-monthly Savage Tales features a rotating cast of characters and creators featuring the savage and brutal worlds of Red Sonja, Thulsa Doom and more! In "Hercules: The Unnamed Task" history tells us of the 12 Tasks of Hercules, but writer Doug Murray and artist Fabiano Neves tell us of the very first, untold task of the legendary demi-god! Then in "Thulsa Doom: Age of Doom," Luke Lieberman and Noah Salonga continue the explosive origin of Red Sonja villain Thulsa Doom! "Sellsword" sees the conclusion of the tale featuring the lone swordsman and his battle with two rival families! Finally, in "The Ripper," he stands revealed, all while leaving a fresh trail of bloody corpses! All the action and excitement under two "savage" covers, one by Arthur Suydam and the other from artist Fabiano Neves!

Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment
48 pages, Full Color, SRP: $4.99

Wild Cat Books - Now available!
THE ROOK by Barry Reese
Only one man dares to stand against the Forces of Darkness... Max Davies aka THE ROOK is driven by visions of Death and Destruction as he travels the globe on one death-defying adventure after another! In the grand Pulp-era Tradition of The Shadow and The Spider, THE ROOK is the newest Hero in an a time where the world needs all the Heroes it can get... Features a Guest Appearance by THE MOON MAN! This amazing book collects 2 Novellas and 3 Brand-New Short Stories...


ISBN: 978-1-4357-1209-6
188 pages, 6"x9" Trade Paperback, $19.95

Cover by Storn, Interior art by William Carney
This is some of the BEST pulp fiction you will ever see in this "modern age"... GREAT STUFF....

22 February 2008

24 Declassified: Collateral Damage - Arriving in bookstores February 26th!
By Marc Cerasini

In a remote corner of New Jersey is a nation within a nation—a refuge for fanatical converts and fervent believers. But within the confines of the secluded Islamic community of Kurmastan, plans are underway to spread fear, death, and untold destruction across America . . . and to deliver one fatal blow to the country's exposed and vulnerable heart.

Harper Entertainment, 336 pages, $6.99

Adventure House - Coming in May!
HIGH ADVENTURE #100 will be a double sized issue for $14.95 featuring a collection of stories from the hero, aviation, sports, romance, western, detective, and adventures pulps.  Authors will include Frank Gruber, Robert E. Howard, Arch Whitehouse, David H. Keller, John Francis Webb, Robert Leslie Bellem, Hugh B. Cave, and Paul Ernst.  

7x10, 144 pages, $14.95

HIGH ADVENTURE #100 will be available in May 2008.
Adventure House

Adventure House - Coming to comic shops in May!
CAPTAIN FUTURE - Summer 1942, 7x10, 128 pages, $14.95
"The Comet Kings," by Edmond Hamilton. Trapped in the depths of Halley's Comet, the Futuremen battle fourth-dimensional monsters in a titanic struggle to save the system's solar energy! This pulp replica features a full color cover, complete with all ads, illustrations, and facsimile pages.
CAPTAIN FUTURE is solicited in the March PREVIEWS (available February 27th).
The Diamond Item Code is MAR084128.

PHANTOM DETECTIVE - November 1934, 7x10, 128 pages, $14.95
"The Tomb of Death," by Robert Wallace. Murder stalks in the wake of a famous aviator's disappearance in this smashing novel in which the Phantom Detective trails a human monster to his grisly lair of terror and torture!
PHANTOM DETECTIVE is solicited in the March PREVIEWS (available February 27th).
The Diamond Item Code is MAR084133.

Airship 27 Production- Bookstore now online!
Airship 27 Production announces the official opening of its first on-line pulp store at the following link ( 
Beside showcasing the companies new pulp titles, it will also carry the entire catalog of past Airship 27 books newly reprinted in revised and re-edited edition.  As an incentive to their customers, all books sold at this site will be discounted 25% from the normal retail price.

Airship 27 Production was begun two years ago by writer/editor Ron Fortier and artist/designer Rob Davis to produce new, quality books starring classic pulp heroes.  To date the company has produced books featuring the Moon Man, Doctor Satan, Secret Agent X, Captain Hazzard and Lance Star-Sky Ranger.  The company's logo is a flying dirgible visible on all its books.

All Airship 27 Production books are published through Cornerstone Book Publishers of New Orleans. LA., Michael Poll publisher.

Anthony Tollin's Sanctum Productions and Nostalgia Ventures Inc
Coming in May!
THE SHADOW Volume 18: "The Unseen Killer" and "The Golden Masks"
"Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow Knows!" The Knight of Darkness returns in two of Walter Gibson's greatest pulp thrillers. First, Lamont Cranston investigates a strange series of murders by "The Unseen Killer." In a battle between The Shadow and an invisible man, who will have the last laugh? Then, the Dark Avenger attempts to strip "The Golden Masks" from a secret society of hooded blackmailers extorting millions with a bizarre invention. This classic pulp reprint also features both classic color covers by George Rozen, all the interior illustrations by legendary illustrator Tom Lovell and commentary by pulp historian Will Murray. (Sanctum Productions)
ISBN: 1-932806-97-0        13-digit: 978-1-932806-97-7
Softcover, 7x10, B&W, $12.95
THE SHADOW VOLUME 18 is solicited in the March PREVIEWS (available February 27th).
The Diamond Item Code is MAR084134.

Anthony Tollin's Sanctum Productions and Nostalgia Ventures Inc
Coming in May!
DOC SAVAGE Volume 17: "The Czar of Fear" and "World's Fair Goblin"
The saga of the pulp era's greatest superman continues with two epics of the Great Depression by Kenneth Robeson. First, the Man of Bronze and his Iron Men battle the Green Bell and his hooded terrorists. Who is "The Czar of Fear" and what lurks behind his evil plans? Then, an eight-foot monster is haunting the 1939 New York World's Fair. What is the bizarre secret of Maximus, the "World's Fair Goblin"? This collector's item pulp reprint also features both original color pulp covers by Walter Baumhofer and Emery Clarke, interior illustrations by Paul Orban and historical articles by Will Murray, author of seven Doc Savage novels. (Sanctum Productions)
ISBN: 1-932806-94-6      13-DIGIT: 978-1-932806-94-6
Softcover, 7x10, B&W, $12.95
DOC SAVAGE VOLUME 17 is solicited in the March PREVIEWS (available February 27th).
The Diamond Item Code is MAR084129 (Baumhofer cover).
The Diamond Item Code is MAR084130 (Bama cover). 

Anthony Tollin's Sanctum Productions and Nostalgia Ventures Inc
"Voodoo Trail" and "Death's Harlequin" - UPDATED!
"Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow Knows!" The Master of Darkness returns in three thrillers that foreshadowed two classic Batman villains. First, the Voodoo Master returns from the dead to lead The Shadow on a "Voodoo Trail" to their final showdown, in the story that inspired Batman's first supervillain, Doctor Death. Then, The Shadow battles a murderous clown in "Death's Harlequin." Finally, The Dark Avenger searches for a murderer who kills with a deadly formula that causes his victims to laugh themselves to death in "The Laughing Corpse," a classic Shadow script from the Golden Age of Radio, while The Shadow-Batman connection is examined in a foreword by Denny O'Neil. This instant collector's item also features both color pulp covers by George Rozen and Graves Gladney, all the interior illustrations by legendary illustrator Edd Cartier and commentary by popular culture historians Will Murray and Anthony Tollin. (Sanctum Productions)
Softcover, 7x10, B&W, $12.95

The Avenger: The Gray Nemesis - Now available!

Howard Hopkins informal history of The Avenger, THE GRAY NEMESIS, is now back in trade paperback for anyone interested. This is a text only book (the paperback and pulp covers and interior art from The Avenger magazine were removed for obvious reasons), revised and updated a bit and in a nicer format than the previous edition (and for those of you who don't care for ebooks. For those who do, there's also an ebook edition available.)

From Golden Perils Press:

Black Dog Books - Advance orders now being taken!
Advance orders are now being taken for the following:
THE GOOD DIE YOUNG—And Other Early Stories of Romance
By Cornell Woolrich
Edited and with an introduction by Gene Christie
35 uncollected works by this master of suspense!

Remembered today as a master of mystery and edge-of-the-seat thrills, Cornell Woolrich began his career by imitating F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “Jazz Age” tales, selling light-heart stories to publications such as College Humor, Illustrated Love and The Smart Set. In these early romances, Woolrich developed his literary style and the motifs that he would later use so effectively to create truly unforgettable fiction.

These stories have been “lost” and unavailable to the reading public for more than three generations. Now Black Dog Books presents The Good Die Young, a collection 35 early efforts by Woolrich that have never been reprinted or collected,

DIRECT SALE ONLY. This title will be unavailable through the general retail market. To ship May 2008.

Edited and with an introduction by Gene Christie
ISBN 978-1-928619-52-9 / 1-928619-52-5
398 page hardcover in a LIMITED EDITION of 200 copies
$49.95 US plus $5.50 shipping and handling.

That’s right! Place your advance order now and save!

Other New Titles from Black Dog Books
THE SORCERER’S STONE by Beatrice Grimshaw
BDB Signature Series - Volume 6
Trade paperback / 106 pp. / $12.95 US

A Tale of New Guinea Magic: A fabulous diamond lures two men into a series of breathtaking exploits as they desperately attempt to acquire and then retain it while fighting their way to back to civilization.

THE SPOTTED PANTHER by James Francis Dwyer
Cover art by Stephen Waite
Trade paperback / 155 pp. / $15.95 US

From the pages of The Cavalier (1913): Three men venture into the heart of Borneo, fighting both natives and the jungle itself, to find the Great Parong of Buddha and other treasures missing for more than two centuries.

DEAD MEN TELL TALES by Arthur B. Reeve
BDB Signature Series - Volume 7
Trade paperback / 142 pp. / $14.95 US
Note: RADIO WRAITH (shown) was retitled DEAD MEN TELL TALES
Before CSI there was Craig Kennedy, Scientific Detective. Watch and learn as the “American Sherlock Holmes” solves these baffling cases. Can you figure out the solutions before they are revealed? This collection brings together 7 unreprinted cases of Craig Kennedy, including his only appearance in Weird Tales.

SOUTH OF SULU by George F. Worts
Cover art by George J. Rozen
Trade paperback / 174 pp. / $19.95 US

The adventures of Singapore Sammy in search of his long-lost, renegade father.

THE SILVER MENACE and A Thousand Degrees Below Zero
by Murray Leinster
Cover art by Tom Roberts
Trade paperback / 120 pages / $14.95

Two early, never-reprinted tales by an all-time master of science fiction -- from the legendary Thrill Book pulp magazine!

THE DRAGOMAN’S REVENGE by Otis Adelbert Kline
Cover art by J. Allen St. John
Trade paperback / 210 pages / $19.95

The complete adventures of Hamed the Dragoman, from the pages of the legenadary Oriental Stories.

Check or money order may be sent to: Black Dog Books, 1115 Pine Meadows Ct., Normal, IL 61761

Credit card orders accepted through Paypal. Send payment to:

SHIPPING—$4.50 for first book, $1.50 for each additional title. (US addresses only)
See special shipping information for The Good DieYoung.
For international orders, please write for shipping quotes.

Black Dog Books titles are also available through, Adventure House, Vintage New Media and Mike Chomko.

Visit the Black Dog Books website at


Written by J.M. DeMatteis, Roy Thomas, Larry Hama and Len Wein, art by John Buscema, Neal Adams, Vincente Alcazar, Yong Montano, Ernie Chan and Bob McLeod.

Following a legendary writer like Roy Thomas is no easy task, but J.M. DeMatteis found himself doing just that when he collaborated with writer Len Wein on Conan #116 -- and then became the book's new regular writer with Conan #118! Dark Horse's latest Chronicles of Conan collects six issues from the regular series run, as well as the second Conan King-Size Annual. Readers will marvel at the strange new landscapes, creatures, and magical foes that DeMatteis brought to the series, while still getting a Roy Thomas fix with his "Phoenix on the Sword" adaptation from Conan Annual #2.

192 pages, $16.95, in stores on July 2.

Dark Horse Comics  
CHRONICLES OF CONAN VOLUME 15 is solicited in the March PREVIEWS (available February 27th).
The Diamond Item Code is MAR080029.

Crippen & Landru- Now available!
MASQUERADE: TEN CRIME STORIESby Max Brand, Edited by William F. Nolan

Max Brand, the pen-name of Frederick Faust (1892-1944) was a master of the fast-action tale with mythic themes - including redemption and honor - often set in a mythic landscape.  He wrote some of his classic westerns, historical adventures, sports stories and medical romances (he invented Dr. Kildare) while living in an Italian villa.  When the United States entered the Second World War, Faust became a War Correspondent, and was killed in action in 1944.

The stories in this first collection dedicated to Max Brand's crime and mystery stories embrace a wide range of protagonists - a boxer paid to take a fall, a treasure-hunting western badman, a pickpocket, a stubborn cop, a murderous husband, and a spy in the mean streets leading to World War II.

Masquerade, the 24th in the "Lost Classics" series, collects ten stories originally published between 1935 and 1938. It is edited with introduction and prefaces to each story by Max Brand's biographer, William F. Nolan.  The cover painting is by Tom Roberts.

978-1-932009-60-6 (smyth-sewn, clothbound) $29.00
978-1-932009-61-3 (trade softcover) $19.00

Crippen & Landru Publishers, Inc.

CTHULHU TALES #3- Coming in May!
by William Messner-Loebs & Michael Alan Nelson
Acclaimed writer William Messner-Loebs (Journey) joins the BOOM! family! Don't tell the Elder Gods, or they'll take him from us! Messner-Loebs and Michael Alan Nelson (Fall of Cthulhu) chill the blood in the new, monthly anthology series! Something big is happening in the horror universe in 2008 — and it starts here! Heed the call of Cthulhu!

COVER A-SC, 24 pages, Full Color, $3.99
COVER B-SC, 24 pages, Full Color, $3.99

CTHULHU TALES #3 is solicited in the March PREVIEWS (available February 27th).
The Diamond Item Code is MAR083546 (Cover A)
The Diamond Item Code is MAR083547(Cover B).

DEEP STORM: A Novel by Lincoln Child - Arriving in bookstores February 26th!
Mass market paperback edition - $7.99
Twelve-thousand feet beneath the Atlantic Ocean... scientists are excavating the most extraordinary undersea discovery ever made. But is it the greatest archaeological find in history—or the most terrifying?

Former naval doctor Peter Crane is urgently summoned to a remote oil platform in the North Atlantic to help diagnose a bizarre medical condition spreading through the rig. But when he arrives, Crane learns that the real trouble lies far below—on “Deep Storm,” a stunningly advanced science research facility built two miles beneath the surface on the ocean floor. The top-secret structure has been designed for one purpose: to excavate a recently discovered undersea site that may hold the answers to a mystery steeped in centuries of myth and speculation.

Sworn to secrecy, Dr. Crane descends to Deep Storm. A year earlier, he is told, routine drilling uncovered the remains of mankind’s most sophisticated ancient civilization: the legendary Atlantis. But now that the site is being excavated, a series of disturbing illnesses has begun to affect the operation. Scientists and technicians are experiencing a bizarre array of symptoms—from simple fatigue to violent psychotic episodes. As Crane is indoctrinated into the strange world of Deep Storm and commences his investigation, he begins to suspect that the covert facility conceals something more complicated than a medical mystery. The discovery of Atlantis might, in fact, be a cover for something far more sinister . . . and deadly.

Like Lincoln Child’s spectacular bestsellers coauthored with Douglas Preston (The Book of the Dead, Relic), DEEP STORM melds scientific detail and gripping adventure in a superbly imagined, chillingly real journey into unknown territory. Child is a master of suspense, and 
DEEP STORM is his most ambitious novel to date.

Del Rey - New Robert E. Howard title announced!
Paradox Entertainment is happy to announce that the next book in the Robert E. Howard library of classics, published by Del Rey, will bring readers to Egypt, the Middle East, and Central Asia as we follow the adventures of Francis X. Gordon ("El Borak") and Kirby O'Donnell. The book will be illustrated by renowned artist Michael Kaluta, among other things known for "The Shadow" (DC Comics), "Starstruck" (Marvel), and the 1994 J.R.R. Tolkien Calendar. Kaluta is no stranger to illustrating Robert E. Howard since he illustrated El Borak and Kirby O'Donnell in the FAX editions from the mid-1970's, as well as created concept art for the upcoming animated feature "Conan: Red Nails". Rusty Burke continues to helm the role as series editor.

Francis X. Gordon
Gordon is called "El Borak" - the Swift - by the untamed tribesmen of Central Asia and the Middle East. The nickname describes his speed with sword and revolver, the latter skill perfected in an earlier career as a Texas gunman. A freelance adventurer who occasionally hires on with the British Secret Service to foil Russia's imperialistic designs north of the Khyber Pass, Gordon sometimes rides into trouble alone, sometimes with a small band of dedicated friends. In the fearsome Land of Ghouls, he infiltrates and shatters a resurgent band of outlaws who have attempted to revive the brotherhood of the Assassins. In the corpse-choked Pass of Swords, he throws off his disguise as "Shirkuh," a killer for hire, to foil the sinister Black Tigers. When WW1 explodes, he follows the call of duty southward to fight alongside Lawrence of Arabia.

Kirby O'Donnell
Like Gordon, Kirby O'Donnell is a restless American who has found his true home on the far borders of High Tartary. Armed with the fighting-knife called the kindhjal and cloaked in the assumed identity of "Ali El Ghazi," a Kurdish soldier of fortune, O'Donnell follows a legend of vast treasure to the forgotten city of Shahrazar. He finds the fortune, then consigns it to destruction so as to prevent it from igniting a conflagration across Central Asia. But another fabulous hoard awaits, the ruby-encrusted idol known as the Blood-stained God; it is O'Donnell's for the taking, in the rugged hills beyond the Crag of Eagles - if he can survive multiple double-crosses to claim it!

At the same time work is progressing on the next volume to be published: Best of REH Horror. This book includes a wide range of stories and poems with a horror twist. Greg Staples is doing a great job illustrating this book, which is available to scare you around Halloween.

PLUS from Mike on his Kaluta Yahoo Group:

Long-time MWK fans will SEE Michael's FAX editions' art from both the Kirby O'Donnell REH stories and the Francis Xavier Gordon stories collected in this new book, along with new new art... and some Color, or so I am promised!

Note: The early El Borak material written by a very young REH (mostly when he was 16-17 years old) won't be in the Del Rey book. This material will hopefully get into print from a yet-to-be-determined publisher, hopefully at about the same time.

Dial P For Pulp Podcast- The fifth show is now available for download!
Dial P For Pulp is a podcast for anyone interested in any aspect of the pulps.
The third (November) podcast is now available online and highly recommended!
There is no cost involved. Just download the mp3 file and enjoy!
Dial P for Pulp is the brain child of David Drage and David has done an excellent job putting the program together.

The fifth (January) podcast features:
Gangster Flash
Athena Voltaire
Blade Runner - The Final Cut
Swords of Talera by Charles Gramlich
Fiction: Hunter Quartermain's Story by H. Rider Haggard

A voice mail line has been set up, so please let David know what you think of the show, the number is 206-600-3121, and that is a United States phone number.

All five shows to date are available for download at:
or you can subscribe to the RSS feed at:

You can also join the Dial P for Pulp Yahoo newsgroup at

E-texts on the net this week
The Shadow in Review:
There is no new Shadow review this week. Next weeks Shadow review is "The Museum Murders" from January 1, 1943.

A special five-part series of Two-Minute Shadow Mysteries begins continues this week, "The Golden Plot."
In the second part, entitled "Kidnapping Most Foul," The Shadow solves a kidnapping and murder. 

It's written by Charles W. Johnson II.

Shadows of the Pulps:   Nothing new this week.

Pulpgen-Online Pulps:   Now with over 900 stories online!

"Murder Witness" by Joe Archibald from POPULAT DETECTIVE, September, 1936
Sleuth Murphy Knows the Answer when Dead Eyes Accuse a Killer!
"The Corpse That Played Dead" by A. Boyd Correll from THRILLING MYSTERY, Winter, 1944
Murder Closes Down on a Hollywood Lot When a Pompous Actor Gives Up the Ghost in the Midst of a Machine-Gun Melodrama !

FALL OF CTHULHU #10 - Arriving in comic shops February 27th!
by Michael Alan Nelson & Greg Scott
As tensions between the cultists and followers of the Old Ones rise, the mysterious Mr. Arkham welcomes the arrival of the final member of his war counsel. But as the players move into place, Connor struggles with his role in Mr. Arkham's plan.
COVER A—24 pages, Full Color, SRP: $3.99
COVER B—24 pages, Full Color, SRP: $3.99

BOOM! Studios

FALL OF CTHULHU #13- Coming in May!
by Nelson & Santolouco
As Lucifer and the Sheriff continue their search for the elusive Gray Man, they find themselves the hunted rather than the hunters. Either way, they must stop the Gray Man or the Cthulhu cultists will have their way — and that can’t be good for mankind’s survival!

24 pages, Full Color, $3.99
COVER B-24 pages, Full Color, $3.99
FALL OF CTHULHU #13 is solicited in the March PREVIEWS (available February 27th).
The Diamond Item Code is MAR083548 (Cover A)
The Diamond Item Code is MAR083549(Cover B).

FARMERPHILE: The Magazine of Philip José Farmer - Now available!
Issue No. 11 - January 2008
Farmerphile is a quarterly magazine completely dedicated to works by and about Philip José Farmer.  It features the unpublished novel "Up from the Bottomless Pit," a suspense-thriller about the ultimate disaster in the oil industry, serialized over the first ten issues. These ten issues will also include other unpublished stories, speeches and letters by Farmer himself, as well as articles about the Grand Master and his work from his fans and peers. Farmerphile is fabulously illustrated by such talented artists as Jason Robert Bell, Charles Berlin, Keith Howell, Karl Kauffman, Chuck Loridans, and Shannon Robicheaux.

Table of contents:
The Roller Coaster Ride with Phil Farmer by Bette Farmer
Birthday Wishes and Greetings by S.M. Stirling, Mike Resnick, Michael Moorcock, James E. Gunn, Kim Newman,
    Norman Spinrad, Joe Haldeman, Piers Anthony, Richard A. Lupoff, Richard E. Geis, David Langford, Tracy Knight,
    Joe R. Lansdale, Harlan Ellison, Robin Wayne Bailey, Will Murray, Garth Nix, James Sallis, Gary K. Wolfe,
    Chris Roberson & Peter Crowther
White Whales, Raintrees, Flying Saucers by Philip José Farmer
Parables are Pablum by Tim Howller
Smoke Gets in Your Nose by Spider Robinson

The Magic Filing Cabinet and the Missing Page by Christopher Paul Carey
Further Sketches from the Ruins of My Mind! by Robert Barrett
The First Robot by Philip José Farmer; illustrated by Henry Covert
On Not Going There by Howard Waldrop
Creative Mythography by Win Scott Eckert
Bibliophile by Paul Spiteri
Duo Miaule by Philip José Farmer;  illustrated by Charles Berlin

Complete ordering information for Farmerphile may be found at:


Set in the Land of Iparsia, 500 years before the epic "Shadows of Mirahan" storyline from FRANK FRAZETTA’S DEATH DEALER, this is a dark fantasy story of druids, demons, and the mysterious and beautiful witch-goddess known as Kallista. Written by critically acclaimed novelist and comics writer JOSHUA ORTEGA (FRANK FRAZETTA’S DEATH DEALER, THE NECROMANCER), and reuniting the RUNES OF RAGNAN team of JOSH MEDORS and JAY FOTOS, this is one tale of Frazetta Comics fantasy that you won't want to miss! 
Image Comics
32 pages, Full Color, $3.99

FRANK FRAZETTA’S SWAMP DEMONis solicited in the March PREVIEWS (available February 27th).
The Diamond Item Code is MAR082071.

Coming to comic shops in early May!
Two action-packed stories of the pulp-era hero, The Spider, are reprinted here, complete with the original pulp black-and-white illustrations! First, February 1938's story, "City of Lost Men," then March 1942, "The Gentlemen from Hell."
In addition to the 2 feature stories, we have an extra in this issue, which is the short story 'Wings of Kali' from the back pages of the May 1942 issue. It's the Spider's '1st' so to speak, a sort of flashback-type tale from Wentworth's past before officially becoming the Spider.
 Softcover, 128 pages,  $14.95
Girasol Collectables

This item may be available through other retail outlets before shipping to comic book specialty shops.
THE SPIDER, MASTER OF MEN VOLUME 7 is solicited in the March PREVIEWS (available February 27th).
The Diamond Item Code is MAR084132.

Written by George Lucas, David Koepp and John Jackson Miller, penciled by Luke Ross, inked by Fabio Laguna, colored by Dan Jackson, covers by Drew Struzan and Hugh Fleming.

The man who single-handedly defined "adventure" for an entire generation returns -- hat and all -- in this action-packed adaptation of this summer's silver-screen megahit! Dr. Henry Jones Jr. is at it again, this time on the trail of a discovery unlike any in his illustrious career. Yet more than one player is out to win this game, and with stakes this high, not everyone is going to play fair! Will Indiana Jones's greatest adventure be his last?

56 pages, $5.99, in stores on May 22.

Dark Horse Comics  

KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL #1 is solicited in the March PREVIEWS (available February 27th).
The Diamond Item Code is MAR080024 (Fleming cover).

The Diamond Item Code is MAR080025 (Struzan cover).

Written by George Lucas, David Koepp and John Jackson Miller, penciled by Luke Ross, inked by Fabio Laguna, colored by Dan Jackson, covers by Drew Struzan and Hugh Fleming.

The conclusion to the grandest archeological adventure ever in part two of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull! The summer's hottest blockbuster comes to comics in this adaptation of Indiana Jones's most exciting and unexpected quest to date. Since beyond record, no one has seen the marvels Dr. Henry Jones Jr. now witnesses, or braved the dangers he now faces! Yet even greater perils wait on the horizon, where the dark aims of Indy's contemporaries threaten to bring inscrutable consequences down upon them all!

56 pages, $5.99, in stores on May 28.

Dark Horse Comics
KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL #2 is solicited in the March PREVIEWS (available February 27th).
The Diamond Item Code is MAR080026 (Fleming cover).

The Diamond Item Code is MAR080027 (Struzan cover).

JAMES BOND: DEVIL MAY CARE - Coming to comic shops and book stores in May!
by Sebastian Faulks
Bond is back with a license to thrill! Forty-three years ago Ian Fleming wrote his last great 007 adventure. Now, in Devil May Care, the world's most iconic spy returns in a Cold War story spanning the world's most exotic locations. By invitation of the Fleming estate to mark the centenary of his birth, acclaimed novelist Sebastian Faulks picks up where Fleming left off with a tour-de-force that will electrify James Bond fans! 

This item may be available through other retail outlets before shipping to comic book specialty shops.

Doubleday, Hardcover, 6x9, 304 pages, $24.95

is solicited in the March PREVIEWS (available February 27th).
The Diamond Item Code is MAR084207.

Written by Fritz Leiber.

Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser have traveled the width and breadth of the land of Nehwon, in search of adventure and fortune. Now lost at sea, their ship drawn out on the Great Equatorial Current, their journey brings them to Rime Isle, a tragic island populated by vagabonds and wanderers. The island is also home to a race of gods, schemers, and manipulators that plague the humans for their amusement. Will Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser be able to escape the island, or be trapped forever as pawns of the gods?

224 pages, black and white, $12.95, in stores on July 16.

Dark Horse Books

LANKHMAR BOOK 6 is solicited in the March PREVIEWS (available February 27th).
The Diamond Item Code is MAR080047.

Doug Wojtowicz (w); S.L. Gallant (a); Rebecca A. Wrigley (c)
IDW Publishing and Gold Eagle Books continue the all-new comic adventures of Don Pendleton's Mack Bolan, the Executioner! The original one-man army continues his battle against the Border Steel Cartel. Bolan and a pair of ATF agents meet to discuss the Cartel when violence explodes on the streets of Brownsville. Can Bolan keep the bloodshed from claiming innocent lives? Writer Doug Wojtowicz and artist S.L. Gallant deploy once more, with Rebecca A. Wrigley providing literally blazing cover fire.

Full Color, 32 pages, $3.99
IDW Publishing

THE DEVIL'S TOOLS #1 is solicited in the March PREVIEWS (available February 27th).
The Diamond Item Code is MAR083793.

Mike Chomko - February 2008 newsletter is now available!
Mike's February 2008 newsletter is now available. Click here to view/download it.
Orders over $20 are discounted approximately 10%.
Shipping is between $2-6, depending on the weight of your order (media mail or bound printed matter). 
Michael Chomko, 2217W. Fairview Street, Allentown, PA  18104-6542
Please note that Mike Chomko has a new E-mail address. It is listed in his catalog.

by Lester Dent, with Art by Tom Roberts
To the world at large, Doc Savage is a strange, mysterious figure of glistening bronze skin and exotic, gold-flecked eyes. To his unique band of associates — Renny, Monk, Ham, Long Tom, Johnny, and occasionally, his cousin Pat — he is a man of superhuman strength and protean genius, whose life is dedicated to the destruction of evil-doers. Written in the late 1940’s by Doc Savage’s creator, Lester Dent, many of these radio scripts have never been seen before. These astonishing radio scripts are available to his legions of fans across the globe! Assembled together in this single, amazing volume, they are a rare treat for Doc Savage fans everywhere! Available in softcover or in a signed and numbered hardcover edition limited to 300 copies.
Moonstone Books
RESOLICITATION from Previews Vol. XVII #7
LIMITED S&N HARDCOVER, 6x9, 352 pages, B&W    SRP: $49.99
SOFTCOVER, 6x9, 352 pages, B&W    SRP: $18.95


How fear the void when the void is where you live?

Ready for a long luxurious swim in the grimy waters of another Kathe Koja novel? Thought you were. March 1992 saw the publication of her second novel from Dell/ Abyss, that ambitious little imprint that wanted to put an experimental edge into horror fiction. Appropriately titled Bad Brains, it features an artistic, alienated, rather unsympathetic protagonist whose world is collapsing into a nightmare of surreality and neurological despair (much like Nicholas, the main character from Koja's 1991 Stoker Award-winning debut novel, The Cipher).

Depression would be a huge psychological improvement for Austen Bandy, a young man whose wife Emily has left him and who then finds so have his skill and passion for painting huge oil portraits of sphinxes and other human-animal hybrids. Once he accidentally cracks his head wide open - his grieving bitter head - he begins having seizures and sees things. Or rather, one thing that bleeds into everything, a dustdevil of fluid, liquid, mucus; silver, almost scalelike, delicate as fish skin and stretching out, elongating...

Think A Monstrously Decaying Blood-Limned Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. Or think Cronenberg's films like Spider or The Dead Zone. For better or worse, Koja drills into Austen's every hurt and weakness and casts all in a drizzly grey light or a harsh winter cold. The atmosphere this creates can be suffocating, even tedious, in its insularity. Here, human interactions are stilted and ineffective (just wait till Austen visits mom!); grime and grease tinge every surface; homes and clothes are worn out, threadbare; food and coffee always foul; sex, ugh; hopelessness and hard-won creativity mingle to create a stew of incipient insanity. But is it Austen's psyche that's wounded, or is it his very brain?

Read the back of the paperback (such accolades!). It's pretty accurate but it only hints at the sanity-shattering silvery snotty serpent thing that threads and drips and convulses and glides now in Austen's vision, befouling corners, mirrors, faces, beer bottles, then out the nose and ears because it is inside Austen's brain. And when the brain, where our true self resides, surges silver and pink and rebels against its own best interests, why it will show you just what it's up to, when you look in the silvered mirror:

I am standing here seeing it, I am seeing it

and took of the top off its skull

where the brain is

and inside, the most delicate writhe, each lobe filigreed, threaded and girdled with silvery death in all its masques and manifestations, in all its irrevocable forms: the elegant pulse of an aneurysm, an extravagant clutch of tumors concealed like an oyster's pearl, clots like molded caviar and each molecule burning, shining silver light on the bone chips ragged and blood like the swirled center of a dubious treat; and nestled in the rich middle like eggs in a nest, eyes.

1996 Dell reprint

Minor spoilers ahead! But transcendence - come disguised as an illness - awaits. After finding no mere medical doctor can cure him, Austen embarks on a long squalid car trip to see his ludicrous mother, then finds a new friend with lunatic father issues, and on till Emily reappears, unsmiling, unsympathetic, certain that Austen can never get past all that Art 101 bullshit and accept the responsibilities of his life without her. Then Austen hears from a gallery owner acquaintance back home that he's sold some of Austen's old paintings, and they're all changing: but in everything one constant: the relentless drip of a color so pale it was nameless; but if he had to, Peter said, he would call it silver.

Cover & stepback art by Marshall Arisman
Soon they all find reclusive Dr. Quiet and Dr. Quiet can help, gets Austen painting in a frenzy again (I assume his portraits look much like the artist-unknown cover art), starts using terms like "the stone of folly" and "duende" and "limbic borders" or some such, and reveals through videotapes of monstrosities - some of the novel's best moments - that Austen might not be alone in his sore world. Or he might be. Everything Koja depicts, everything Austen encounters, could it all just be code for the blasted crumbling architecture of Austen's brain, starved of its art, its love, its vision, its power of creation, that machine of luminosity and magic...? cross the border where the air itself is glass burned black... not only live and die for your art but become it, go past it, eat it bloody and alive and make it over to devour again and again like Cronus eating his children, ignoring their screams because what is is what must be and in all the rooms in the house of art there is only one altar, one half-seen silver priest and one demand

UK paperback 1993

As you see, Koja's prose style is all edge and poetic deconstruction, stripped bare and decorated in discomfort. A weird poet of the crumbling and the crazy. This is no epic novel of horrors human and hellspawned, but a novel of inner horror, which I find captivating; I like her anguished artist characters who suffer for their (lack of creating) art, who twist and turn helplessly through a worn-out world, insides spilling out as they search for answers to a madness that seems more than chemicals misfiring. However I understand not everyone is so enamored of arty characters engaging in what could be seen as self-indulgent self-pity... "Shut up and paint!" you want to yell at Austen at times, but he really does have a physical ailment, so that seems a bit impolitic, no?

I read and liked Bad Brains when it came out, as Koja's writing appealed to my growing appreciation for uncompromising non-horror authors like Burroughs and Ballard and Celine, and lately I'd been wondering if it would it hold up for a second read, over 20 years later. Well, I couldn't put it down for the last 70 or 80 pages, the nightmare ratcheting up, and a strange haunt lingered about me for days afterward... proof that Koja, for all her stylistic eccentricities and lack of providing a real plot (Austen himself has no plot), effectively creates dread, suspense, fear and, okay, bewilderment. But what finally awaits Austen and the people he's, let's face it, dragged passive-aggressively along with him - everything ends in silver: messy, unpredictable, bizarre - I hope haunts you too. But that's no big surprise.