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Microsoft Office 2010 Introductory Completed Assignments

Microsoft Office 2010: Introductory Q&As – Access Chapter 1 The title bar for my Navigation Pane contains All Tables rather than All Access Objects, as in the figure. Is that a problem? (AC 14) It is not a problem. The title bar indicates how the Navigation Pane is organized. You can carry out the steps in the text with either organization. To make your screens match the ones in the text, click the Navigation Pane arrow and then click Object Type. I do not have the Search bar that appears on the figure. Is that a problem? (AC 14) It is not a problem. If your Navigation Pane does not display a Search bar and you want your screens to match the ones in the text, right-click the Navigation Pane title bar arrow to display a shortcut menu, and then click Search Bar. Why does my shortcut menu look different? (AC 17) You right-clicked within the column instead of right-clicking the column heading. Why doesn’t the whole name appear? (AC 17) The default column size is not large enough for Business Analyst Number to appear in its entirety. You will address this issue in later steps. Why don’t I rename the field like I renamed the ID field? (AC 19) The ID field was an existing field, created automatically by Access. For a new field, you need to click the Click to Add heading. I realized after I entered the field name that I selected the wrong data type. How can I correct it? (AC 19) Click the Data Type box arrow and then select the correct type. I inadvertently clicked the white space before entering the field name. How can I correct the name? (AC 19) Right-click the field name, click Rename Field on the shortcut menu, and then type the new name. Why does Currency appear twice? (AC 20) The second Currency is the format, which indicates how the data will be displayed. For the Currency data type, Access automatically sets the format to Currency, which is usually what you would want. You could change it to something else, if desired, by clicking the arrow and selecting the desired format. I have an extra row between the row containing the field names and the row that begins with the asterisk. What happened? Is this a problem? If so, how do I fix it? (AC 20)

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