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Graffiti Is Not Art Essay

Today word “graffiti” has already become well-known. Though about 15 years ago not so many people heard it or knew the meaning of this word. Originally the word “graffiti” is applied in art history to works of art produced by scratching a design into a surface. Now graffiti means writing or drawings that have been scribbled, scratched, or painted illicitly on a wall or other surface, often within public view.

In a very short period of time this artistic style became widespread and gained an extreme popularity. Especially young generation, teenagers, are fond of graffiti. Almost everyone wants to try himself in creating graffiti. But this art is not for everyone. Someone shows a really great skillfulness and creates graffiti pictures which are worth to be recognized as masterpieces and eve worth to be placed in the best galleries of the world.

But still there are two sides of the coin. A lot of people claim that graffiti is not art at all; it is just an act of vandalism. Of course, we can not deny obvious facts. Sometimes we can see pictures or writings of different kind made on the walls of private or public buildings without any permission. In such cases we may talk about vandalism. On the other hand we can observe very beautiful pictures but still made on walls without permission. And what is it: an act of vandalism or not? It is very hard to judge. There are a lot of situations when graffiti creators are really talented artists but unfortunately they do not have a special place where they could paint. So they have to go outside on the streets and to create their paintings wherever it is possible.

From the point of view of the government it is vandalism. If a person is caught making graffiti on a public or private building or in a public place without special permission, he may be fined or punished by law in some different way. Of course, if a person does it, he must realize what consequences his actions may lead to so he make take responsibility for them. But how it can be fair? Is it fair to punish a person who just wants to do what he likes, a person who tries to express his inner world, his personality, his individual style, view point, ideas etc. in such a way? I would say no! Sure, if an owner of a building does not want it to be painted, or I would rather say decorated with graffiti, he has an absolute right to forbid it, to be dissatisfied or to demand punishment when someone makes graffiti against his will. He is the owner, the building is his property and only he has a right to decide what it will look like.

To avoid such an “illegal” situation the government should take care of graffiti artists. I mean they should be provided with place where they can master their skills without any damage to public or private property. There are well-known cases when the owners of the buildings ask to make graffiti and in such a way a building becomes brighter, more interesting and vivid. A good graffiti always attracts attention and interest and it is pleasant to look at it.

Nowadays in the era of high technologies and Internet we have a possibility to see graffiti pictures from all over the world. There are a lot of different websites and public pages in social networks devoted to graffiti art. Today those who are interested in graffiti and have an access to World Wide Web can easily get in touch and communicate sharing their minds, experiences, learning and trying new techniques and styles. With the help of Internet much more people get known what graffiti is and how amazing it can be.

Today graffiti is something bigger than just a street art or wall art. There are many graffiti paintings presented in art galleries; some graffiti painters organize their own exhibitions. Even a competition of graffiti making is no longer something new or unusual. It has already become a common event. Though such competitions are always very impressing. Very often they attract a great number of people and a lot of graffiti creators participate to show their skillfulness and just to test their forces. Modern graffiti creators try not only to reveal their inner world and to express themselves with the help of their paintings, but also very often they try to attract attention of the public to serious global problems (either social or environmental). Graffiti is not just a drawing on a wall; it is something much bigger, something informative and important.

Art, in particular graffiti art constantly changes and develops. So there is no wonder that artists invent and discover new styles and techniques of painting. Quite recently a new graffiti style was shown to the world – it is 3D graffiti pictures and writings. Every new day it becomes more and more popular. Such paintings are breathtaking and they look like real, so sometimes it can be hard to say whether it is a real object or a picture. Looking at these masterpieces you can not stop admiring.

You can hear a phrase “graffiti is an act of vandalism” from people of older generation in the main, or from narrow-minded people, those who believe that graffiti is just a painting on a wall that often contains bad words and is written by hooligans. But we know that the things have changed greatly. So if someone still thinks that graffiti is vandalism only, help that person to broaden his mind, show his this beautiful world of graffiti paintings, convince him that graffiti is art, because it really is!

Graffiti is art of the 21st century and I think we should be proud of it. Now I can say with certainty that graffiti is art. What would you say? If there is something you would like to discuss, visit our website. There you will find much information and many essays. And if you like you can order an essay, all you need is contact our team.

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  • Graffiti is an Art

    This is a way of expressing your feelings towards Shrek in a compassionate way instead of verbally or engaging ways. Graffiti artists draw Shrek fully nude or partially dressed to show how majestic Shrek really is. Shrek is a big part of our community and needs to be shown to the public!

  • Graffiti is wrong.

    Although it is wrong that does not mean that it is not art. If someone make a huge mural with awesome detail would you not call that person an artist? I know for sure I would. I think that graffiti is one of the hardest forms of art because you cannot erase or stroke, it is hard to get texture and shadowing.

  • Of course it is

    Aight first of all a lot of you are confused with what graffiti actually is. Some graffitis are done illegally and can be considered destroying other's property or vandalism. A lot of graffitis however are done legally. A lot of writings on shirts today are all done by graffiti artists. If y'all don't want shirts with cool writings on them, then choose "no". Graffiti is an legitimate artform and one of the earliest elements of hip-hop culture along with mc-ing, bboying, and dj-ing. So y'all haters who are not willing to look at the big picture and think what graffiti really entails can call it vandalism, crime, whatever you want but remember if jackson pollock splashed his paint all over the wall on the street he would get arrested too. If piccasso suddenly got bored and started painting his thing on a police car he would get arrested too. Any art or painting can be done illegally. It's a matter of where and how to do it. So just because you saw some dude tagging on someone else's property doesn't mean graffiti as a whole don't deserved to be considered an art. Open up your mind and be able to accept a legitimate artform as an artform. Just because you don't like the style, and just because you ain't familiar with it doesn't mean it deserves destructive criticisms and hatred.

  • Graff is art

    Whether you like it or not graffiti IS art. The definition of art is the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture. Is graffiti not visual? Its a way for the artists to express themselves. And it is art.

  • Graffiti is art

    Yes, that doesn't make it OK

    The person in "no" is inappropriately adding a moral dimension to the definition of the word "art". "It's OK" is not part of the definition of the word "art". "Art" is a created expression intended for someone to admire. Just because it is "art" doesn't mean we have to accept it, except arguably if you mean "graffiti" in a broad sense, referring to the sort of style that is seen in graffiti but performed on one's own property or with permission. Some cities even have legal graffiti walls just for the purpose of graffiti in order to deter illegal graffiti

  • Graffiti is definetly art

    Graffiti is art because it is something that inspires people and allows them to have a say. For example a very famous one is by meek. It says keep your coins, i want change.This saying was extremely powerful and captured the attention of several people. This saying is powerful. Graffiti has meaning throught the form of art.

  • Graffiti is an Art!

    I believe that Graffiti is an art when it is used in the correct areas!
    When there is a building with just one name that I believe is vandalism!
    But overall Graffiti can be a beautiful thing, graffiti is a good way for one to express themselves, to feel free.

  • Definition of Art.

    Art is what is beautiful, appealing or of more ordinary significance. Art is any feild using skills or technique, art is mainly in form of paintings, sculptures and drawings.
    But since dance is considered an art form why can't graffiti? Graffiti is beautiful, appealing and of more sigificances. Thank you.

  • Graffiti is art

    Graffiti is art that just shows what you think of stuff. It is also inspiring other people to do what you want to do. Graffiti is art cause it is something that is shown to other people and it might also tell them something they might not know. That is why i think graffiti is art