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Assignment 12-2 Calculate Mathematical Problems With Answers

Unformatted text preview: fig-g 3: ASSEGNMENT 12-2 CALCULATE MATHEMAT!CAL PROBLEMS Performance Objective Task: Calculate and insert the correct amounts for sever; Medicare scenarios. Conditions: Use a pen or pencil, {he description cf problem, and, for Problem 7, Figures 32—1 and 12-2. Standards: Time: minutes Accuracy: (Note: The time element and accuracy criteria may be given by your instructor.) Birecfiam’Submitting insuraace claims, particularly Medicare claims, involves a bit of arithmetic. Several problems are given here so that you will gain experience with situations encountered daily in your work. The Medicare deductible is always subtracted fiom the allowed amount first before mathematical computations continue. Problem 1: Mr. Doolittle has Medicare Parts A and 13 coverage. He was well during the entire past year. On January 1. Mr. Declittle is rushed to the hospital, Where Dr. Input performs an emergency gastric resection. The hospital bills Medi« care under the Part A coverage, and under the Part B coverage, the physician bills $450 for surgical services. The doctor agrees to accept assignment. The patient has not paid any deduciible. Complete the following statements by petting in the correct amounts. Hriginai Bil! a. Medicare allows $400. Medicare payment: MM . eaoa‘x’ b. Patient owes Dr. Input: 4. , . c. Dr. Input’s coertesy adjustment: m.“ Mathematical computations: *“00 ‘iaes ,7 5 v.90 ass” - 1 so “HUD . hwy” HUZ CID [QuHQ an.wo Problemz: Mrs. James has Medicare Parts A and B coverage. She met her deductible when she was ill in March of this year. On November 1, Dr. Caesar performs a bilateral salpingo—oophorectomy. The hospital hills Medicare under the Part A coverage, and under Part B ceverage, the physician bills $300 for sergical services. The docter agrees to accept a Medicare assignment. Original Bi}! a. Medicare allows $275. Medicare payment: M b. Patient owes Dr. Caesar: b 0. Dr. Caesar’s courtesy adjustment: M K ave 935 x.%b VAQD sac $5 Copyright 6 2014, 2012. 2010, 2088. 2006, 2094. 2082. 1999 by Sausage es Gum mama Termhuhgy {CM} is copyright 2013 American Medical as; 243 Chapter 12 Medicare ...
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