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Project Manager Cover Letter Examples Uk Yahoo

Sample cover letter for Full Time position at Yahoo



Dear Hiring Manager,

I’m a Sr. Project Manager at Cognizant Consulting, I would like to be considered for your Multi Channel Customer Solutions position. I honed my team leadership, strategy development and analytical skills of IT experience with over 7 years in project management. My strengths lie in strategy and business turnaround, technology solution implementations, process improvement and building relationships at all levels of an organization.

Seasoned IT project management professional experienced in managing large enterprise program implementations and operating large IT application portfolios. Results-driven with a history of proven program, project and portfolio management experience building and leading large teams of multidisciplinary staff operating across multiple global sites. In each of my managerial roles, I have helped to increase productivity and efficiency, reduced down time/lost time and restructured maintenance activities while increasing maintenance compliance and execution. My track record clearly demonstrates my abilities as a manager and decision-maker with clear vision and a focus on efficiency, productivity and systems improvement. 

I have good communication and interpersonal skills and I am an effective team leader, with the ability to work in a culturally diverse environment. I have a strong business and strategic focus as well as excellent people management skills. With my extensive experience and knowledge of business processes, engineering and operations, I believe I could make a valuable contribution to your team and help lead the organization to further success.

Thank you for considering my resume and application. I feel that my skills and experience are a great fit for this position. Please feel free to contact me to arrange an interview. I look forward to learning more about this opportunity.

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1. The introduction

Explain who you are and why you are writing. This will include some or all of the following:

  • Where you are studying and the course which you are taking
  • Your expected grade (at least if it is a good one!)
  • The job/position that you are applying for, and where you saw the advertisement (web site, newspaper etc.). If you are making a speculative application then state what you are looking for (e.g. vacation work) and, if appropriate, for how long you would be available
  • If you have had contact with the company before (perhaps through meeting their representatives at a careers fair) then mention this in the introductory part of your letter

2. The ‘selling’ paragraph

"Review this section carefully for every single application you make as the requirements will differ from employer to employer. Relevance is key to success."

This is a key section in the letter. Think about what to highlight and make it clear to the reader why you are a strong candidate for the job. Be selective with your examples however, and don’t try and cram everything in.

  • Summarise each point briefly - don't copy word for word from your CV. Back up claims of having relevant skills with hard evidence. As an example, "I have strong communication skills, developed liaising between academics and student peers to highlight and resolve issues in my role as Year Group Representative"
  • Draw on examples, where possible, from different parts of your background, for example, academic, work experience and other activities
  • Review this section carefully for every single application you make as the requirements will differ from employer to employer. Relevance is key to success

3. Why you want to work for them

Make sure that you tell an employer why you want to work for them.

  • Outline how your interest in the career area and organisation has developed – through work experience, attending a presentation by the company etc. How have you developed your interest and knowledge?
  • Do some research and thinking about why this organisation attracts you. Try to go beyond the obvious. e.g. nearly all large employers offer 'challenging opportunities', 'team based environment', or 'international opportunities'. What are the unique features which draw you to them?

4. The ending

  • State that you enclose or attach your CV or application form as requested
  • Mention that you are looking forward to meeting them in an interview, or a similar positive statement
  • If there are certain periods when you are unavailable for interview, let them know

Sometimes you may wish to explain special circumstances which might be important in your application, for example, grades not being as good as required.