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Essaylib Reviews Of Windows review

There were some complaints and interesting points about this website, so we decided to check whether they are all legit, or should we neglect those comments in favor of a more pleasant experience with this company. Long story short, let us visit the place and learn what all the fuss is about, because every man needs 100%-reliable companion, who always delivers the quality on time. This website boasts both – top quality and on-time delivery. Let us visit home page without hesitation and learn our own truth.

The website looks good, and the navigation is simple. You can easily find the section you are interested in whether it is prices, type of services or quoting. The layout is pleasant to the eye and user-friendly. As usual one can find lots of complementary feedbacks from the customers and boasting lines about plagiarism free services. It should be noted that there is custom paper features. The websites custom page is 275 words per page, which is not a common practice and looks quite promising price wise, because most of the websites have it 250 words per standard page. Another great feature of the website is the plagiarism check mechanism where you can copy received text and find out whether it pops out in someone else’s papers. Quite convenient, isn’t it? The pricing policy is quite reasonable, but pay attention to the fact that the presented prices on the website do not include fees for research made by the writers. This information is presented below the price table, but you still can miss it. And it adds up to the total sum. All in all, you can get the job done cheaper in other places on the internet.

Speaking about the essay itself – we have a few things to say about the way the job was done. It is not our best experience to date and not the worse one either. Keep this in mind, when you plan to deal with It cost us $128 to get the master’s paper and the quality was average. There are lots of specifics to deal with, so we won’t delve into it in order not to waste your time. To put it short – it could be done ways better if the author could keep the communication during the essay creation process in a more efficient way. It seems that the writer did not look into the subject matter thoroughly. Bear in mind, there are dozens places, where you can get better services and in-depth subject knowledge. Considering the average prices and the discount system, this service rendering company could be the holy grail of the essay writing world, but in fact, it isn’t. Review writing service has been on the market since 2008. Their main focus, as it is with most writing services out there, was providing very well written papers to students all over the globe. In 8 years’ time, it has developed a wide range of products as services that we are going to review in the following. As usual, our review will take into consideration 7 major key features. We will analyse what the company is advertising on their own website and also the clients’ feedback in working with from other sites and forums on the Internet. We will see what their policies, prices and, of course, discounts look like, how their testimonials sound like and we will also make our own tests by ordering some papers from the service. Let’s see what we’ve found!

The services provided by Essay Lib lack some key ingredients

We were unable to find editing and proofreading through the services they offer and we consider this quite an important minus on their part. On the other hand, they offer all the academic papers students need, like essays, book reviews, presentations, coursework, case studies, projects and so on. They offer them on different academic levels, of course. They also offer admission papers, like personal statements.

Customer support is almost invisible. They advertise 24/7 customer support, but, apparently, Sundays do not apply. When they do answer, they are not able to hold a conversation on all the subjects. For example, we asked about dissertations and the representative told us to place an order for a dissertation, pay for it and speak with the writer afterwards. Not sure if you’d like to do that, especially if you receive this sort of answer from customer support.

The quality of Essay Lib is expressed through the quality of its writers

You can’t have a qualitative writing service without qualitative writers. So, good writers are a must in providing good papers and happy clients.

First and foremost, we read the testimonials on the site which were positive, as you would expect. We weren’t happy with these testimonials and we went surfing the Internet for others. What we found, were mixed reviews. Clients were happy with the ordering process, the way their instructions were followed and with the deadlines. They weren’t quite happy with the overall quality of the papers. And when we talk about overall quality, we mean wording, structure and content which, in some cases, was not heavy enough for the academic level the customer wanted.

As in the BBB status, there are no complaints, although they are not taking part as members of the BBB.

The company also offers some samples. Actually, there are papers on how to use the custom writing platform, but we found some actual writing samples. We took one to review ourselves. It was about alcoholism. We got the topic from the introduction, but there was no statement as to which is the purpose of the essay.

We also placed an order which we received on time. Our requirements were met, almost. We wanted a paper that would be useful for a 3rd year university student. We didn’t really get that academic level as in the style of writing and the references they used. It was more of a high school essay.

Prices and discounts

The 3rd year university paper, we ordered cost us $144.00 for 8 pages and 4 resources. This is quite above average. The price ranges from $10 per page to $50 per page. The payment method is very safe. You can pay with your credit card or PayPal.

As in discounts, they do not provide any discount for a first time client. You will have to spend $500 to get 5% off, $1000 to get a 10% discount and $2000 to get a 15% discount. That is a little fortune for a 15% discount.

Extra features

You get free revisions if you ask for them quick enough, until your revision period expires. Title page, bibliography and table of contents pages are provided free of charge. If you want a writer of a higher level, you can also ask for him for an extra sum of money, of course.


The writing service is based mainly on writing papers for the academic environment. Even if customer support does not work on Sundays, we were able to get in touch with one of their representatives and were very glad to find out he was a real person, not a robot. They are not trained enough to answer questions about papers that exceed the university level, but they were quite nice and polite. To conclude, we think that is a very good writing service for lower academic levels, like high school. Once the level rises, they are unable to rise with it. All in all, this is a legit and fair writing service.

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