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Homework Folders For Kindergarten

Guest Blogger- Kinder Alphabet {Homework Folders}

Hello friends! This is Lidia from Kinder Alphabet. I am excited to guest post for Miss Kindergarten today. I hope that you are able to use the resources that I will be sharing with you today.

Teachers do take home folders in many different ways. I usually have two different folders that the students take home. One is their daily folder which includes homework for the week, a behavior calendar, student's work to keep at home, printables of basic skills that students should review when they do not have homework, parent handbook and more. The other is a Thursday folder which includes any flyers from the district or the school.

As I was working on the contents of the take home folder, I thought that this is something that I want to share with you today. Even if you do things a little different, these printables might come in handy to you at one point or another. If you are able to use these and would like the rest of the contents for your own student folders, make sure to come visit my Kinder Alphabet blog. I will be posting additional resources for these folders as soon as I finish them:)

So this is what I have come up with so far:

1- Label for the cover of the folder. Any name label should work just fine. I like this one because you can add student name or picture in the top box and then write the teacher's name in the bottom box. When you laminate these labels, you can also make extra blank ones. This way, you will have them ready for new students. I use packaging tape to apply them to the front cover of the folder or binder.

2- Basic Skills Chart: You can probably trade-out this one with new skills as the year progresses, but this is the one that I like to use at the beginning of the school year. Students can review these basic skills on no homework days like weekends or holidays.

3- Alphabet Chart: I always include an alphabet chart that they can refer to. It can be used to practice reading or writing the letters. A fun game that I just thought of is "Cover and Guess." This can be done at school first so that they know how to use it at home. Students can use counters, beans or cereal to cover random letters on the chart. I would say that they can start out with about 5 letters to cover and add a little more as they become more familiar with the alphabet. Anyway, they can cover random letters. Then, they will have to recite the alphabet pointing to each letter as they do so. When they come to the covered square, they have to guess which letter comes next. Later, when they become better, they should not recite the alphabet. They should just look at the letters before and after the covered letter and guess which letter is missing/covered.
4- Hundreds Chart: This hundreds chart can be used in different ways also. One way is to simply point to each number as students count by ones from 1-100. They can also use it to count by 2's, 5's and 10's. Or even refer to it when learning to write their numbers from 1-100.
I will be working on other things to add to this student folder. They will include a list of sight words for the year, absent notes that the parents can use when writing an absent excuse for school, a parent handbook and anything else that I can think of. You will be able to find them on my blog as soon as I finish them so make sure to follow my blog if you are interested. I would love to see you there :)

In the mean time, feel free to download these homework folder printables by clicking on this picture. If the picture is too large to view in google docs, make sure to click on download so that you can get the complete files. Enjoy!

Lidia R. Barbosa from

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