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Parkway Northeast Middle School Homework



I currently teach Integrated Science and Challenge Integrated Science.  I have been teaching Science at Northeast Middle School since 2002. 


In addition to MS Science certification, I have a Master of Arts in School Counseling (K-8) degree, and I have also completed an additional 30 hours of post-graduate coursework.







How Grades are Earned:






10% of overall grade



10% of overall grade

(ACCURACY grade)


80% of overall grade

(ACCURACY grade)

  • Daily work/assignments
  • Homework
  • Labs


  • Bell Ringers     
  • Exit Slips
  • Quizzes
  • Labs
  • Study Guides


  • Final Chapter /Unit Assessments
  • End of Chapter/Unit Journal grades
  • Lab Write-ups
  • District Common Assessments
  • Challenge Trimester Projects (final grade)



Welcome to Northeast Middle School. It is our mission here at Northeast to educate and support our learners with rigorous and relevant content and skills.  We aspire to this goal by incorporating high expectations and abundant support. Students will grow here and will leave educationally prepared as resourceful, collaborative 21st century community members.  We will accomplish this mission with the support of our families, our community, our dynamic staff and the involvement of our enthusiastic students.